How to get rid of the bark ?

How to get rid of the bark ?
You will need:
  • damaged trees
  • chemicals
  • turpentine
  • kerosene
  • paraffin
  • waste engine oil
# 1

The gardens bark beetles often settlepatients in the trees, but sometimes infected and healthy planting.To combat the beetles must necessarily be prevented.It is necessary to dig the ground around trees, autumn is collected and burned old leaves.Infected trees uproots them, too, need to burn.If you struck by only a few threads, their cut and thrown into the fire.There are biological products, the use of which shall be destroyed not only the beetles, and other garden pests, but for plants and people, they are harmless.How to get rid of bark if the damage is not too strong?Do it and mechanically - metal wire poke into holes made by pests, and then carried out the processing chemicals.

# 2

Upon detection of bark beetle damaged branches are cut and folded around a tree.Beetles certainly gather them.The branches of these, along with beetles burned.Trunks coated with a mixture of manure and cl

ay.After flowering, the trees should be treated with chemicals - "Arriva" or "Vectra".Some gardeners syringe pour chemicals into the moves done by the pests.Trunks can drench insecticide.Scientists have come up with how to get rid of the beetles using their natural enemies.The facility "Scolyt +" contain the nematode destroying beetles, but safe for humans, animals and birds.

# 3

extremely frustrating when carpenter beetles appear in homes or buildings garden.To find them, you can on the typical holes and dust of wood on the floor and against a wall.In such cases, wood surfaces are cleaned with a brush rail.Then drying oil and heated until it has cooled, coat with all the damaged places.Can the holes progryzennye bark pour a mixture of kerosene with turpentine.Then they are sealed with paraffin.The destruction of the bark beetle will be easier to handle if the building material waste oil.This is a very powerful tool.Experts prefer it to the latest developments of the Finns and Germans.This treatment will protect the house for many years.

# 4

How to live trees, and the wooden parts of the bark beetle can destroy the old house tool, which was used more grandfather of the current gardeners.It is simply prepared and very effective.Called - garden var.It is necessary to 6 parts warm wax and mixed with 3 parts crushed rosin on me.When it boils add 2 parts vegetable oil.Boil 10 minutes and let cool.This mixture treat the places where they were seen by bark beetle damage.Pest is often compared to the Colorado potato beetle on the damage brought by the farm.And he destroys the garden trees and the house may devour.It is important to carry out preventive maintenance, continuously monitor the status of fruit trees and wooden buildings.

# 5

Recently there was a serious problem in the forests of Russia.Are dying because of pests pine and spruce.The trees, which settled the bark beetle is easy to find - if the tree bark found holes, needles changed color is a sure sign of infection.For minor damage to trees can still be saved, if the spring to handle it with insecticides.If it is found in the earth's crust or trash shed, the rescue operation is already too late.These objects need to uproot and burn.There are simple rules, observing that you can prevent forest diseases.Removal of dead branches, watering and fertilizing, removal of damaged pines and firs.Processing of trunks and branches of insecticide.All this will help to keep the forest healthy.