How to get rid of lice flower : midges in colors

How to get rid of lice flower : midges in colors
You will need:
  • room flowers
  • fresh soil
  • potassium permanganate
  • soap
# 1

Potted flowers, many people are bred.It's nice because in cold winter days enjoy the beautiful flowers on the window.But you must take care of the plants correctly.Excessive watering can cause the appearance of black flies, the larvae of which spoil the flowers root system.In addition you can not fertilize the soil brew tea.It is better to use special fertilizers, which can be bought at a flower shop.Before watering useful little proryhlit ground.If, in spite of the good care, there were gnats on the colors, how to get rid of them?First of all, to prevent the spread of the larvae, it is necessary to separate the sick from the healthy plants.Do not treat the infected flowers, for the prevention, too, can not hurt.However, treatment of diseased plants are engaged in particularly hard.

# 2

First we need to stop the excessive watering.Mote - swamp insects and their appearance is directly related to the fact that

the soil in the pot is too moist.It is therefore necessary to give the land to dry and then moisturize it.If the room is very dry air, it is possible to spray the leaves of plants from the bottom.To get rid of pests flowers sprayed with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.Use it only for the infected plants.Healthy such a procedure is not necessary.Get rid of the flower midge can using chemicals bought in any flower shop.This method is used with great caution in the presence of children in the house or animals.Destroy midge can still be a weak solution of soapy water.To this is dissolved in water and a small amount of soap soil watered.Harm will not do such a procedure, and save from parasites.

# 3

combat pests can be the easiest and popular way.The earth stuck 5-7 matches, gray down.Two days later, the matches are replaced with new ones.It was not until the disappearance of midges.You can use garlic.2-3 cloves thinly sliced ​​and laid out on the soil surface.A few days later the larvae will die.With the same purpose in the ground, you can insert strips dried orange peel.there are many methods of flowers salvation from midges.It is important to as quickly as possible to start a fight with them.Then help the solution of potassium permanganate or seeding the ground wood ashes.But if the roots of plants emerged larvae, here is a simple case of spraying did not help.It is necessary to repot the plant.To this end, it is released from its old pot, thoroughly clean the roots from pests, disinfect and transplanted into new soil.

# 4

To disinfect indoor plants and their roots, it is necessary to use chemicals, purchased at a flower shop.means "Mukhoed" Very well suited.It is intended for the destruction of soil flies.It is necessary to take security measures.That is, open the window and put on rubber gloves.Make sure that a number was not small children and animals.Sometimes, if the case is not too complicated, you can remove only the top layer of soil and replace it with a new one.So is not the root system will be damaged.Best of all, while there is a treatment of infected plants, keep them separate from healthy.And spend prophylaxis for other plants.Floristry - science is complex and multifaceted.Anyone who is engaged in it, knows that it is easier to prevent disease than to treat it later.

# 5

There are several rules that must be observed to soil gnats did not molest potted flowers.We can not too much, and often to water the flowers.This should be done only when the earth in the pot dries.Loosening of land will provide air access to the roots and will let them rot.Periodically, you need to repot the plants, it will not develop in the land of pests.Insects appear where there is a process of decay, so it is necessary to closely monitor the state of the leaves and the time to remove dead parts.inexperienced growers are trying to fertilize the earth in the pots of meat, tea, coffee water.No way you can not do.These "fertilizer" attract pests, like a magnet.Great advice - zacypat surface of the earth in flower pots small stones or beads.They prevent the appearance of midges.Besides, it's just beautiful.