How to clean the lake in the country ?

How to clean the lake in the country ?
You will need:
  • land
  • mechanisms of land for digging the pit
  • filter
  • fry of tench and carp
  • cane
# 1

How nice when near the cottage therelake.On a hot day you can cool off in the water.Children love to splash around in the shallow water.And for men at dawn fish catch - a real pleasure.This is the case if the lake is clear, on the bank of not lying broken bottles and torn bags.But the muddy shore of the lake, overgrown with weeds, and the approach is not desirable.There is already a question arises: how to clean up the lake?Knowledgeable people are advised to run in a pond fry tench or carp.These fish will clean the lake from the slime and unwanted algae.A year later, you can run the carp and the lake will become a paradise for fishermen.

# 2

But the clear lake of excess vegetation is not everything.It is necessary to shore and put in order.To find a sandbank and make it a beach.If the pond is small, then the forces of several owners of villas to cooperate and to decide how to arra

nge the lake to its shore was nice to relax.You can put a few benches for rest.Very good build two-three gazebos to hide from the weather.Equip picnic.In addition, it is necessary to clean the forest of dead trees and branches.After such actions and the lake, and the surrounding area will be beautiful and comfortable seating.

# 3

If next to the cottage, there is no body of water, for the hard-working person does not have too much trouble to make himself a pond.First, you need to dig a pit.He should be no closer than 3 meters from the house.Depth - 1.5 - 2 m Dimensions depend on the surface area dimensions and the willingness of the owner..The bottom and the shore of the reservoir reinforce bricks or stones.From the home screen make concrete.It is embedded filter to be able to purify water.At the bottom lay a special film on it is poured soil and planted plants.Now, the pit must be filled with water.Here is the answer to the question of how to make the lake.

# 4

to make their own hands the pond was always clean, you need to take care of him.The reservoir set a special filter that absorbs particles of dirt.Periodically, you need to be cleaned and the filter itself.Furthermore, there is a method for biological purification.Reed, planted in the lake, will help keep the water clean.There are chemicals for the purification of water bodies from the mire and dirt.This "pondtrit" and "akvatrit".But the security still mechanical and biological methods.

# 5

Sometimes owners think about how to make an artificial lake large.In such cases, you need to dig a big pit, to strengthen its bottom with concrete, to do the right stocks.It is also necessary to take care about how and what is to fill the lake.Maybe it will be filled with underground springs.Or it is necessary to arrange the lake in a location that it would fall any local rivulet.In any case, such issues need to be addressed together with environmentalists and other experts.