How to pour the lemon ?

How to pour the lemon ?
You will need:
  • Round roomy pot
  • Garden spatula to loosen the soil
  • Sprayer
  • Garden soil
  • River sand
  • Expanded clay or fine gravel
# 1

Lemon tree in modern homes have simply ceased to be fashionable.Now it is also a sign of a good modern housewife, which monitors the health of your family and home.Because it is an evergreen plant is not only pleasing to the eye a beautiful flowering, but also provides useful and tasty fruit.And besides, lemon tree leaves emit fragrant essential oils, which, in turn, are a source of volatile production, cleaning the air in the house of the germs.

# 2

Room Lemon - a perennial plant.Lemon tree can live up to 45 years and every year to bring up to 10-15 fruits.It should be noted that domestic lemons are much inferior to the amount of lemons grown in the subtropical plantations, but the composition of mineral properties in which no less than the "industrial".To know exactly how to grow a lemon at home, you need to learn a few of simple tips on how

to care for him.

# 3

transplant.Shop tree always requires a "domestication".And change - is the first step.This requires a good roomy pot (preferably plastic) and the ground.The best soil for a lemon - a mixture of ordinary garden soil and sand, mixed in a ratio of 2: 1.There is no harm if the bottom of the pot at 2-3 cm to provide drainage.For these purposes, a very good fit expanded clay or fine gravel.

# 4

Location.In a typical city apartment pot with lemon tree is best positioned in the bright spot, available sunlight, but away from radiators.Optimal conditions for the plants: 21 - 25 degrees at a humidity of at least 40 percent.Otherwise, the tree can be lost.The surest sign of an unfavorable climate for wood - dry at the ends of the leaves.Fertilizer for fruiting lemon tree requires fertilizing, especially in the spring, in the period of intensive growth and ripening.

# 5

To do this, perfectly suited any mineral nitrogenous fertilizer for houseplants, it is better if it is enriched with copper and zinc (as an option - "Rainbow").In winter, a lemon is enough to fertilize an aqueous solution with potassium nitrate and superphosphate (5 g per 1 liter of water).After a successful "domestication" distsiplinorovannogo tree requires watering.On how to pour the lemon depends almost half of the success in growing healthy trees with an abundance of fruit.

# 6

Watering.Lemon tree very capricious plant, it can not stand the cold and hard water.Do not forget that the native environment of the tree - the subtropical.Therefore, use for irrigation only otstoennuyu tap water - to weathered contained therein chlorine, which is extremely harmful to the lemon.In the summer of lemon tree requires daily Watering.Spray the tree better than the same otstoennoy water 2 times a day.

# 7

winter watering is reduced, but increased the number of sprays - 2-4 times a day, depending on the intensity of the heat radiators.Between watering the land must be in the pot to loosen to nasohshaya land crust did not prevent the saturation of the soil and root system of oxygen.Furthermore, this procedure helps to determine the need of watering.Once the top layer of soil begins to crumble in their hands - it requires regular watering.Do not let the soil dry out!