How to deal with pests ?

How to deal with pests ?
You will need:
  • drugs to control the Colorado potato beetle
  • Chicken manure
  • Wood ash
# 1

In fact, the easiest, not expensive, but at the same timethe most troublesome way to combat the Colorado beetles is to collect them manually.That is, mechanically.There is also a biological method, it implies the use of an animal, particularly birds, of various microorganisms as a means of pest control.

# 2

How to deal with pests without causing a lot of damage with future harvest?Agronomy method itself is complex and does not imply a use of any chemicals.Regular hilling, loosening the soil, selection of quality varieties of potatoes that will be eaten bad Colorado potato beetle.

# 3

Yes, it is a series of procedures that need to minimize pest on affected the future harvest and caused great harm not very tops.The chemical method has some contradictions.It is the fastest, but at the same time the most dangerous way of getting rid of the Colorado potato beetle.Experienced agronomists try not

to abuse this kind of drugs.

# 4

As has been repeatedly stated, gardening without the people's methods of controlling harmful insects - not gardening.They do not take up too much time and are completely natural, which is important for many people.Recently, their effectiveness is increased because they themselves are improved and are based on the experience of many generations of gardeners.

# 5

chicken droppings - a type of organic getting rid of the bug.It's quite ancient way, but it does not mean that it is not effective.Colorado beetle disappears instantly, quite a long time and quickly, most importantly, he did not really have time to reproduce.

# 6

Ash - plus another option to your arsenal of weapons against the Colorado potato beetle.It can be used in different ways - in a dry form, that is sprayed directly on the tubers, you can make a special solution.Plus to add a little soap to help the beetle stronger stick and quickly detached from the leaf.