Which brings harm to the Colorado beetle ?

Which brings harm to the Colorado beetle ?
You will need:
  • means to control the Colorado potato beetle
  • Farmland
  • Safety
# 1

Colorado beetle - insect order Coleoptera, family Chrysomelidae, in length they reach9-12 millimeters, have a bright yellow color with black stripes, while membranous wings folded on the belly, painted in pink.The larva eats per day on average, about 1/30 of a gram of green mass, adult beetle - four times as much.The female of the season can lay up to 1000 eggs, but the usual average fruitfulness - about 350.

# 2

duration of life of the majority of individuals - one year, but some beetles live for two or even three years.According to experts, in the years when the Colorado potato beetle in large breeds, affected areas are losing up to 40% of the potato crop.It should be noted that under adverse environmental conditions beetle remains in the ground, and there may even to winter, although a single growing season generally occurs three generations of insects.

# 3

Colorado beetle - a very dangerous pe

st, it can be harmful not only potatoes, but also other plants of the nightshade family, including tomatoes and eggplants.Since both adults and larvae feed on the foliage, this insect brings irreparable harm to crops, sometimes eating plant bushes completely.

# 4

In Colorado potato beetle are very few natural enemies, but there is one that brings them significant harm.This pathogenic fungus Hyphomycetes, it also applies to most other insects.Colorado beetle damage, which is the destruction of the leaves and tops of young seedlings, promotes pogibaniyu just bush.

# 5

Accordingly, the case may go so far that the entire crop will be lost, if time does not begin to fight against this malicious pest.Enemies of beetles in nature are pheasants, chickens, cuckoos and starlings but them this insect because of the unpleasant specific smell not bite no bird.As for the weather, Colorado potato beetle and makes cold and heat, and rain, and snow.From weather depends only time during which the individual passes all stages of maturation.