How to apply fertilizer ?

How to apply fertilizer ?
You will need:
  • mineral or organic fertilizer
  • Plants that need feeding
# 1

Every plant in the garden area needs a certain style of care, each has its own "tastes andpreference 'relating to the amount of water, sunlight, or the other micronutrients in the soil.There are lots of kinds of fertilizers.This natural substance, such as sludge or ash, and artificially created by man mineral mixtures.But it is important not only to choose, but also to decide on how to apply fertilizer.

# 2

To answer this question, we must consider some important nuances.The first - is to determine what fertilizer to what exactly needs.At each plant its own set of necessary substances.For example, some like phosphorus, zinc or other needs magnesium.So pick up the fertilizer falls strictly individually.

# 3

addition, you must take into account the content of these elements in the soil, and combinatorial those or other mineral structures.There is a nuance like pereudobrenie, ie glut ground one way or anothe

r element may detrimental impact both on the plant and human health, which will be the fruits of their labors.

# 4

And finally, the third aspect that should be considered along with the combinatorial and individual approach - a way of application.Fertilizer may bring not only the soil in different amounts, but in different ways.For example, the ash is often added to the water when watering, and bone meal into the soil only at digging deep three to four times per season.

# 5

Despite these seemingly difficult times, fertilizer is an essential part of the care of a plant, perhaps its main constituent element, to which must be approached with great responsibility.Fertilizers used somehow have - without necessarily yield will come to naught.But it is enough to adjust to the actual designing a system of plant fertilizer, how this process will no longer cause any difficulties.