How to prepare a fertilizer ?

How to prepare a fertilizer ?
You will need:
  • Measuring capacity
  • Plants that need feeding
  • Fertilizer
# 1

Any self-respecting gardener or summer visitor knows that no matter what our country regionit may grow their plants, they need to fertilize, as fertilizers allow plants to be strong, and most importantly healthy.All commercial fertilizers must be accompanied by a certificate, which specifies the content and the active substance.

# 2

How to make fertilizer?For the complexes of mineral fertilizer must be chosen with the same structure.Crystals Crystals mix powders with powders.The number of components to be mixed depends on the application.Most prepared multicomponent mixtures (more than 3 components) for the preplant application.

# 3

When mixing follow the rules: do not mix with alkaline ammonia fertilizers, do not mix alkaline and superphosphate fertilizer, do not mix alkaline and potash fertilizer (or use very quickly, do not store).Also, do not mix ammonia and superphosphate in advance - just before u

se (bad then scattered), good for the use of mixtures of diammonium phosphate, Ammophos (granular mixture is obtained), any mixtures of dry fertilizers and to store, that the advantageous properties have not disappeared.

# 4

room should be dry and ventilated.Long did not store.Mineral fertilizer consists of nutrient salts.The more nutrients and fewer impurities, the more valuable technique involves the presence of impurities, and sometimes they are administered to enhance the effect.

# 5

Meter volumes for preparation of fertilizer can be any available containers, for example: - in the faceted glass that has a rim, holds 250 cm3 sypuchki and liquid.Without 200sm3- rim in a tablespoon is placed 15 cm3 liquid in the tea - 5 cm3.At tablespoon uppers uppers volume of 25 cm3, in the tea 7-8 sm3.- in a matchbox is placed 20 cm3 of bulk materials - to measure a large number of, or use barges vymerennoe bucket with water.