How to grow lavender from seed : Tips cottagers

How to grow lavender from seed : Tips cottagers
You will need:
  • Seeds
  • Soil
  • box seedlings
  • Water
# 1

Lavender is an ornamental and medicinal plant with a pleasant fresh scent.Its purple flowers is impossible not to fall in love.Many gardeners dream to grow lavender on their plots.One method of breeding plants is the cultivation of the seeds.Acquire lavender seeds needed in the winter, as they require mandatory stratification - processing low temperatures, which improves seed germination.Those who want to know how to grow lavender from seed, keep in mind that without this treatment, germination will be very small.

# 2

Seeds of plants are placed in moist soil in a small box, put the box in the bag and put in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator for two months.Since the seeds are very small lavender, earth for germination should be easy without large lumps.Gardeners know how to plant the seeds marigold, can grow on his land and lavender easily.When the seeds sprout, take out box and put in a bright warm place.Seedlings are seated

in the middle-sized pots.In the first year of lavender growing rather slowly.

# 3

If desired, in the first year it can be planted in beds in open ground.The main thing you need to make sure that the tender plant smothered weeds.Many gardeners in growing lavender interested in the question, how to test seed germination.To find out, you need all the seeds pour cold water for about 10 minutes.The empty, damaged seeds float to the surface, and the good - will lie on the bottom of the dish.In the first year of lavender growing rather slowly.This plant prefers to grow in a sunny position and does not tolerate wet acidic soils.

# 4

most suitable loam, which should be well-fertilize.Wondering how to plant flower seeds, it is worth considering how to combine them with other horticultural crops.Lavender can serve as a hedge separating the garden from the flower garden.It is advisable to plant these beautiful flowers next to the house that was louder their wonderful exquisite flavor.Among tips on how to properly plant the seeds of lavender, you can find recommendations put plants in a flower bed right in the seedling pot, cut out with its bottom.In this case, increased root contact with the soil, so that the plant does not freezes in winter and summer dries.