How to plant a walnut : Tips cottagers

How to plant a walnut : Tips cottagers
You will need:
  • rootstocks
  • of scion
  • knowledge about how to instill walnut
  • Polyethylene
# 1

Every cottager, who decided to instill a walnut, should understandit is a complex matter, the first time can not come, so it's worth it to ensure that it will take a lot of time and effort.The most common and traditional considered two ways: budding tube or semi-tube, if you make a T-shaped incision, then most likely, the majority of the kidneys just do not take root.How to plant a walnut correctly and quickly?Which way to choose?

# 2

Before you vaccinate, it is important to choose the right time - it is necessary to engage in July.If you start planting later, the shoots will appear only next year.Many gardeners as rootstock prefer to choose small trees, whose age does not exceed two years.Diameter - 2-2.5 cm.They can take the neighbors, who did not know how to get rid of a walnut, to buy in the market or be separated from their own walnut.

# 3

scion can be escaped, whose age is 1-2 ye

ars, the length of which is not more than 60 centimeters, and the distance between the nodes reaches 5 centimeters.Branches that are prepared for instilling must be strong and well-developed.Pref can be prepared only in the vaccination day, at the same time with him cut off all the leaves and only the cuttings.After the procedure is accomplished, it is necessary to know exactly how to care for walnuts to grafting was successful.

# 4

himself grafting process begins with the commission cuts across the trunk so that the kidneys were located at the same distance between the cuts.Further longitudinal cuts are made, and carefully separates the crust, the same procedure should be done on the rootstock, removed half-pipe, where the crust is transferred.As soon as the vaccine is complete, wood strip is wrapped with polyethylene.Beginners cottagers and gardeners before grafting to engage, is to know what it looks like walnut, what features of its cultivation.

# 5

Once after vaccination will take place 10 days, the cuttings can be removed, and the scar on the tree lubricate garden pitch, once again all tie polyethylene.Remove it only after it appears on the cut kalyus.With the onset of spring must be cut rootstocks, capturing part of the cortex.This must be done carefully over the eye, cutting angle - 20 degrees to the surface of the earth.At the same time, you can consider how to cut a walnut to increase the yield.The stock, which has taken root, planted after the separation as an independent tree, which by the fall may reach a height of one meter.