How to cut a walnut : Tips for pruning

How to cut a walnut : Tips for pruning
You will need:
  • Walnut
  • tools for cutting and shaping wood crown
  • knowledge of the rules for pruning walnut
# 1

The benefits of walnut is known to many, but therules of cultivation and cropping is not all.If you decide to plant at the site of walnut, it is necessary to know how and when to cut it correctly.Among the gardeners there is a perception that the crown of the tree can not form, it grows by itself.In the example given nuts that grow in the forest without human care.The plant can live without cutting, but to make it bear fruit, it is necessary to know how to prune walnut and perform the procedure only at the appropriate time.

# 2

ideal time for pruning - summer.To quickly healed cuts and plant long ached, you need to choose July or August.Loss of juice recovered by rapidly developing at this time of the root system and leaves.It is important in any case does not cut the nut into the dormancy period, it can not only lead to disease, but even the death of the tree.Before cuttin

g the need to learn how to plant a walnut.After the formation of an artificial crown can not be engaged in grafting!

# 3

Pruning walnut should begin from the second year, the height of the tree - not less than 100 centimeters.During this period, you need to form the crown so that it looked like a bowl.Initially selected 4 or 5 main branches, which can not touch it, they will continue to participate in the process of fruiting.Some cottagers need to learn how to get rid of a walnut.Improper pruning can lead to tree death.If the same goal - to keep the nut and make fruit, the crop should be very careful, especially in the early years of the tree of life.

# 4

the third and subsequent years of life walnut trim must also be reasonable, but not weak, or bad tree can bear fruit or do not bring the harvest.During gardener trimming the first thing is to get rid of dead branches, to remove all the shoots, which prevents the main branches.To cope with the removal of branches, you need to know how to care for walnuts, as well as learn how to make it a comfortable environment for the growth and fruiting.For example, it is imperative to get rid of branches that rub damaged mechanically or susceptible to disease.

# 5

To properly form a walnut, it is necessary to give the crown of one of three types: bezyarusny (preferable for young plants), cupped (the easiest) and improved-tiered (requires experience from walnut host).To do this, you need to provide the look of a walnut, and how its crown is formed.In this case all the branches are cut off not completely, but only up to the second or third escape.After several scrap wood begins to grow for fruiting, in this period, many vacationers leave walnut alone and allowed to develop independently.