How to Care for walnut : pruning , watering

How to Care for walnut : pruning , watering
You will need:
  • Walnut
  • cutter
  • Water
# 1

Walnut - unpretentious tree that still requires careful care in the first years of life.Many gardeners do not care for adults nut, considering it unnecessary, however, to give the tree a good harvest, and no pain, it must be regularly watered and cut.The first watering should be done to soil compaction, which will be planted walnut and trimming only after 3-4 years of life.To carry out these procedures properly, you need to know how to care for walnuts.This is especially important in the early years, when the tree is still small and weak.

# 2

It is important to prepare the land, so that later it could protect the nut from frost and thaw water.While a young tree, it is difficult to survive drought, as water reserve inside him is still too little.That is why in the first half of summer watering the tree two or three times per month, 4 buckets of water at each watering.If you do it will be a person who has never cared for these trees, it is not

more than it would be to know what it looks like a walnut.If the rains come, the tree is not watered in watering period.Many agronomists agree that the nut can be watered only during a long drought.Once the tree has reached 3.5-4 meters from the watering can be dispensed with altogether.

# 3

Need to know how to trim walnut.Trim only during certain periods should occur.This can not be done during the sap flow, ie the spring, or a tree, lost a lot of juice, can be lost.In the early years of the tree does not need the formation of the crown, as the nut does it interfere with samostoyatelno- branches simply wither.However, over time, increased growth may cause a meager harvest.You also need to know how and what to fertilize this plant correctly.Usually this superphosphate and ash, which spiked under the crown of the tree, and then pour a small layer of manure.

# 4

early spring pruning can be made of dried branches, so that they do not interfere with the development of the tree.It is important to remember that dried twigs can not be removed completely, it is desirable to leave about 1 centimeter.To plant more quickly had been ill after pruning, all the places of circumcised branches to be processed using varom.S garden pruning unnecessary branches that can form the desired crown.After 1 year, you can completely remove the knots from the dried branches.In the spring, you can also learn how to get rid of a walnut, if it takes too much space and gave a lot of shoots.That spring, he is influenced by various external factors and diseases.For those who want to save a tree, you need to carefully take care of it and be sure to find out how to plant a walnut.