How to plant hazelnut in the country ?

How to plant hazelnut in the country ?
You will need:
  • Nuts for planting
  • Free land for hazelnut
  • ability to care for seedlings
# 1

Hazelnut be called whimsical tree that is whimsical and demandsa lot of attention.Rather, the opposite is true.Often there are shoots from accidentally thrown not crack a nut fruit.In a short time they turn into beautiful young trees.However, not all turns out in such a way to grow hazelnuts.How to grow hazelnut, how to prepare for planting, so that the process met the expectations?

# 2

Firstly, hazelnut can rise only from fresh walnut, which was located in the current crop year, later versions will likely not give results.The easiest and most common method of planting - in the autumn, before the onset of cold weather, just dig fresh nuts in the ground and waiting for germination in the spring.It is not necessary for this purpose to use a crop that has been stored for several years, it has almost zero percent germination.Of course, before you grow hazelnuts walnut, it is necessary to re-read

a lot of literature, talk with experienced growers.

# 3

In the case of hazelnuts to make all of these actions are not necessary.This tree grows quickly and does not require any special care.The only thing worth considering - it is the soil for planting.It is better to prefer a slightly acid and dug to a depth of about 6-7 centimeters.This may be followed instructions on how to grow walnut cedar.The algorithm is the same in both cases.If winter promise a little snow, the soil in which is planted hazelnut should cover fallen leaves.They will help keep the heat and create a favorable atmosphere for the entire winter season.

# 4

is also important to pay attention to the weather in the spring.Before you raise a nut from a fetus, it is important to know that in the spring he may need care, especially if the spring and summer is hot and dry.In this case we can confine ourselves to the abundant watering and slight shading.If the nut shoots grown at home, then planted in open ground can only be after they get stronger and will spring frosts.

# 5

During the summer will be enough irrigation, loosening the soil and remove weeds.After the trees have grown, we can think about how to instill a nut that is needed for this, and how to carry out this procedure properly.As soon as the trees matured, they can be carefully transplanted from each other over a long distance, so they do not interfere.Similar methods can be put Manchurian walnut, cedar and other trees.They are also suitable and described methods of care for both adult trees and seedlings.