Decorating the walls of the kindergarten

Decorating the walls of the kindergarten
You will need:
  • Vivid pictures
  • Decorative stands
  • Themed stickers
  • original stencils
# 1

Where, if not in kindergarten, give a space of imagination and decorate the wallsunusual pictures?Favorite cartoon characters and fairy tales, good zveryata and colorful stories will be a great decor for preschool walls.Psychologists have long shown that the environment in which the child spends most of the time, has a significant effect on mood and even on the development of the baby.Therefore, registration of the walls in the kindergarten should pay more attention to choosing the most suitable options for decoration.

# 2

What colors and themes to choose for the walls of the playroom or bedroom, and how to decorate the nursery, to create a favorable psychological atmosphere - these questions plagued by parents and educators.And so, and others want to stay in the garden of pleasure, granted only joyful emotions and contributed to the development of the child's creativity.It is better, if the ba

ckground color of the walls are pastel colors - pictures on them will look brighter and more saturated.

# 3

It should take care of the nature of the selected images - some simple instructive stories with fantastic characters, tend to be educational in nature.Decorate the wall can independently, forces teachers and parents, as well as turning to professional artists.If there is no possibility to organize painting, decoration of the walls in the kindergarten decorative stands, themed stickers or colorful posters - Great.Various Clipart can be found on their own and use them as improvised material.

# 4

on caregivers can get help and original stencils with which printing figures will not be difficult even for those who have no artistic ability.Colourful posters with photos and funny baby congratulations, prepared, for example, to the day of birth, will be remarkable attributes of the holiday.Well, when you can leave the place on the wall shelves diy guys.

# 5

to create a comfortable environment for children, promoting their harmonious development, it is necessary to make an effort and imagination.But the unforgettable atmosphere of childhood, where children learn to dream and fantasize, remain in their hearts for a long time.