How to make a greenhouse for orchids ?

How to make a greenhouse for orchids ?
You will need:
  • Orchid
  • Fertilizers
# 1

pride of many owners is the presence in their home such as a beautiful orchid.Few beauty of the flower can remain indifferent.But often it happens that after a short period of time after the purchase of the plant disappears, due to improper care of orchid in store.How to save it from destruction?

# 2

first step in the process of saving will be spoiled trimming the roots and the plant premises in teplichku.How do teplichku for orchids?It is not difficult.To this end, the pot with the plant is placed in a plastic transparent bag, which is tightly fastened.Yet it must be periodically opened for ventilation.Then you need to adjust watering - not more than once a week.

# 3

next stage proper care is fertilizer, but the issue needs more careful consideration.So, how to fertilize the orchid?For this purpose, purchased ready means best suited to (mostly) diluted to a predetermined concentration with plain water before use.Then, in a container filled

with this solution is placed a pot of orchid for 15-20 minutes.After this orchid goes from the solution and enables the solution to drain completely.

# 4

As to the question "How should I water the orchid?"it is always worth remembering that Nedolya better than to pour.After waterlogging may cause root rot and save the plant will be very difficult.To determine the time of irrigation is necessary to focus on the roots of color: green - does not require watering, whitish, greyish - watering is necessary.Also, be aware that watering should be performed in the morning.

# 5

The next question that arises - how to maintain an orchid after purchase?We must watch!It is through observation can find the right location for orchids, watering regularly.The important point is the opportunity to pamper your beauty, and this applies not only fertilizer, because this plant also requires special attention to the leaves and flowers.

# 6

Many owners of such beauty interested in the question "How to take the process from the orchid?".Indeed division is one of the possible ways of orchid breeding.This process occurs as follows: Plant together with the substrate is removed from the pot and detached with respect to a portion of the natural division of space.After that (if necessary) the roots of the plants treated, and planted it in a new pot.It is important to remember that not all orchids are divided in this way.