How to Make a French garden in your yard ?

How to Make a French garden in your yard ?
You will need:
  • Garden
  • Plants
  • paving stones
# 1

French garden - to many the concept is familiar, but that's what it means the knows not everyone.Garden is usually a plant plantation is not a decorative element of the interior land.But what if you want to make it one of the ornaments of your own home or garden?In this case, the assistance may come this option as a French garden.What is it?and how to make a French garden?This term refers to a species of plant landing in a certain way.The main types of the vegetable garden planting plants are at different levels relative to the height in the form of squares or circles.And as a result of planting of several smaller communities separated by walkways should get one big circle.This also applies to the squares.

# 2

How to make a decorative garden?To do this, you must adhere to a specific technology, including the preparation of the garden, its division into zones, selection and planting of plants, proper care, both for plants and for plant

s form.For a more detailed presentation of each stage, you need to consider them carefully.And so, the stage of preparation.For its quality performance has to wonder, "How to prepare your garden?"The first step is preparation of planting plan in accordance with the existing site.For his foundation needed to take the shape of a circle, a spiral, or a square of the chessboard.It is also possible to combine several forms.Then, to determine the level of future beds (single-level, multi-level), and the material for separating tracks.But the track - it is an integral component of the phase under the title "How to separate the vegetable garden."

# 3

The next step is the selection of plants and their planting.One of the important nuances at this stage is that the plant can not only vegetables but also flowers.Thus, the decorative vegetable garden will become a more interesting look.The problem is solved with respect to the proper care of each individual variant planted plants.After all, each plant has its own nuances and cultivation, respectively, the individual characteristics of care.By creating such a beauty on its site, many question arises, "How to protect the garden from the evil eye?"After all, everyone admiring this beauty will Norov as possible eloquent to praise himself with his garden plants, and man created it.With all kinds of plots are used to protect the people, the prayers, sometimes carried out with holy water irrigation or planting specific plants.