What need of fertilizer for the lawn ?

What need of fertilizer for the lawn ?
You will need:
  • lawn fertilizers with nitrogen
  • lawn fertilizers with potassium
  • lawn fertilizers with phosphorus
# 1

Regardless of the level of soil fertility, which is locatedlawn, it is very important to use fertilizers to improve it.They are an important nutrient for vegetation and still contribute to the improvement of qualities as the majority of soil and grass.

# 2

With the help of well-chosen fertilizer is easy to achieve a significant strengthening of the root system, uniform bright color, disease resistance and trampling, increasing the density of the grass.All of these qualities will help the lawn to serve and please their owners for a long time.

# 3

Any lawn will be happy to complex fertilizers, commonly including potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus.In combination with other beneficial trace elements can achieve a very high quality growing grass that will be maintained even after the haircut.Immediately an element such as nitrogen, works to improve its color and grass no

rmal growth.

# 4

Experts recommend its use mandatory, because it will just dry out the soil.Especially nitrogen is important in the spring and summer feeding.With improved weather conditions, it will ensure the rapid growth of thick and lush grass.As for potassium, it is recommended to use each season.Thus it will contribute to a normal and rapid growth.

# 5

This trace mineral is not as important as lawn fertilizer, but will greatly enhance the grass resistant to disease and drought.A phosphorus action is directed only to the root system.At the same time, using it every season, spring growth of grass, fertilized with phosphorus, it will be much longer before.In addition, phosphorus ensures the growth of side shoots in the autumn, and summer lawn grass will always be the root reserves of water.

# 6

Fertilize the lawn is only necessary on the instructions on the package, so it will be better than the final result.But this process is usually combined with watering.The most convenient fertilizers are granulated.They just scattered on the soil surface.Also not recommended to fertilize the lawn in the rain, it is desirable that the grass was dry, and the soil itself - wet.