How to plant lawn grass with his hands ?

How to plant lawn grass with his hands ?
You will need:
  • Fertilizers
  • Seeds grass
  • Rakes
  • Water
# 1

Landscape gardening section provides several options for lawn, depending on the destination square.The lawn can be a garden, sports, flowering, meadow or parterre.The most common option - a park (garden) lawn, which is most commonly used on sports fields.

# 2

Before creating a lawn you need to hold a series of activities that contribute to a better germination.You need to remove debris at the site, rocks, vegetation, preferably with roots.You can also get rid of weeds by treating the soil with herbicides, but in this case need to wait a certain period before cultivating the lawn on the site.

# 3

Lawn grass better will be accepted at the site, which had previously been fertilized.To improve the physical and mechanical properties of the soil is recommended to use fertilizers that are sold in agromagazinah.As an organic fertilizer used humus, humus, compost.The best option is considered vermicompost, asit contains no weed

roots and the larvae of insect pests.

# 4

The next step will need to align with common ground rake teeth and get rid of lumps.Soil Grains size should not exceed the volume of the grain of wheat.Planting grass with his hands made in the absence of strong winds, into the damp earth.Seeds should be scatter evenly over a distance not exceeding 1 m., Moving gradually to the sown fragment.

# 5

At the end of the sowing process must be carefully smoothed site fan-rake to lightly sprinkle the seeds of the earth.Water the planted area should be from a hose with a special nozzle, scattering the water jet into small droplets.In the event of heavy rain or improper watering of the soil after planting, probably uneven distribution of seeds on the site.

# 6

Caring for a young lawn grass is regular watering and regular weeding.Also overgrown grass okashivat need timely and periodically fertilize the soil.