How to get rid of a walnut in the country ?

How to get rid of a walnut in the country ?
You will need:
  • walnut Fruits
  • soil for planting
# 1

As a rule, the main method of reproduction is considered to be the seeds to be sowing before winter.To do this, select winter-hardy varieties of trees.The process is almost no different from planting apple or pear.The most suitable soil is considered to be loamy, meadow and forest black soil, which are rich in nutrients.Moreover, they retain moisture well and breathable.If you want to learn how to get rid of a walnut, then remember that the tree does not like clay, hard and cold ground beneath them.

# 2

the second year after the formation of the trunk and the crown must be carefully remove basal shoots, and thoroughly lubricate garden pitch.By late summer, are already beginning to be put fruit buds, so pruning should only be a third to a nut experienced frost.If you do not prune, the tree will die in the future.How to care for walnuts, and a number of crop will get the fall.It is advisable to plant the tree immediately to a permanen

t place on the edge of the area, otherwise krone adult tree will shade for other crops, and would not allow them to develop normally.Typically, the crop can be obtained already after 7 years.Regular anti-aging barrels, as dried bark significantly reduces the yield of the tree.

# 3

What is walnut with normal development?Of course, there should be no spots on the leaves, shoots and fruits.Their appearance indicates infection morsoniozom tree.To eliminate the disease must be periodically sprayed with Bordeaux liquid (one per cent) during the growing season.Immediately before the abscission of foliage, repeat the procedure, but the solution to enhance concentration of four percent.

# 4

also need to know how to prune walnut.Lack of care affect the yield, despite the fact that the tree belongs to the group undemanding.The process of collecting can be started if the pericarp cracking, which leads to a drop in fruit.Premature plucking nuts is not recommended in this case, the core shrinks.As a rule, the crop is removed by hand in several passes to provide high-quality and tasty walnuts.

# 5

And how to plant a walnut, and whether vaccination is necessary for normal growth and fruiting of the tree?Definitely, yes.By properly stored vaccines especially certain varieties and seedlings more quickly begin to bear fruit.According to its nutritional value and variety of trace elements and vitamins walnut is not inferior even meat and milk.Therefore, not only widely used in cooking for cooking various dishes, but also as a therapeutic agent against various diseases.