How to sprout wheat ?

How to sprout wheat ?
You will need:
  • Wheat
  • Non-metallic flat dishes
  • Clean Water
# 1

To sprouted wheat was the most useful, you must use the correct utensils.Since porcelain or enamel and glassware are most relevant to solving this problem.Furthermore, exposing the soaked grains need daily treatment (3 times) with water flow, to provide protection from fungal disease development and to provide the necessary moisture sprouts.In that case, if a useful "Silica" silver or water, the washing can be performed once.There are certain terms that allow you to understand how to properly germinate the wheat and the sequence in which you need to perform prescribed actions

# 2

To get wheat germ, whole grain to soak for 1-2 days, in this case, a malt (itused for cooking home beer. and if there is a need in the appearance of green sprautsa, the wheat growing period lasts up to a week or more (but not longer than 10 days). If the seedlings are used daily, several times, then soaking the grain is necessary with certaint

ime interval to harvest appeared in time Important -. can not eat sprouts whose length exceeds 2mm

# 3

There is a proven way -. a sprout wheat home using improvised means The washed grain.wheat must be placed in a flat dish in such a way that they are only slightly covered by water.Further, every 8 hours produces wheat washing procedure and await the appearance of the first white sprouts in 1-2 days.From this point the product is ready for consumption.

# 4

To get sprouting sprauts - green shoots, it is recommended to use ordinary table trays in which to place the substrate and have it placed pre-germinated wheat, which should be regularly moisturize.These wheat germ - a source of important trace elements and vitamins