How to destroy the lilacs : an easy way ?

How to destroy the lilacs : an easy way ?
You will need:
  • pruner
  • Knife
  • Scotch
  • Garden Var
  • Plastic bag
# 1

How to destroy the lilacs?If so it happened that on the site grows lilac "pest", which destroys the roots foundation or cause any other damage.It is necessary to cut down the bush by the roots, and to the complete destruction of lilac watered with a solution of water and salt.As can be processed by such means as "Glifos" and "Raundal".

# 2

As transplanted lilacs?If lilacs adorns the site, and there is no need to remove it.That it is possible simply to transplant to another location, where it will please their colors.The most prosperous period of the bush for the transplant in the summer.Do it better in the evening.Digs a hole and bush sits neatly and evenly laid roots across the pit and go to sleep, after watering the bush with plenty of water.After transplantation, the lilac is necessary to fertilize the peat.

# 3

How to plant lilacs?In order to diversify the bush, it is necessary to instill.Instill lilac pret

ty simple, but this procedure has its own characteristics.For vaccinations you need to select the most healthy bushes.Cuttings are cut off between the end of February and March, and store in a cool place at a temperature of 0-4 ° C wrapped in paper.In order to plant a lilac properly and with the best effect, you must clean and disinfect the instrument.

# 4

seedlings lilac?After lilac branch gave new varieties, it is possible to sit down, so that it is positioned across the site.To do this, you need to prepare the cuttings and planting them in rows 10 cm. Cuttings must be abundantly watered and cover with a greenhouse.Greenhouse height should be about 40 cm, closed frame with two layers of plastic film, between which is laid a white paper or cloth.All cuttings should be watered no more than once a week.After landing in a month - half the greenhouse must be aired in the evening, in the early autumn transplanted lilacs to a permanent place.

# 5

How to care for lilacs?In principle, lilac adapted to the northern climate, and some care is not required.But with the emergence of new varieties and species is complicated and care.Lilacs require 3 single feeding.The first time you need to lure at the end of winter, fertilizers, and scarify the ground.The next two fertilizing should be done in the period of ripening of buds and the kidneys and when all the lilacs begin to bloom profusely.Subsequent fertilizing should be done with organic fertilizers.