How to arrange a flower garden at the cottage ?

How to arrange a flower garden at the cottage ?
You will need:
  • Flower seeds Garden Tools
  • decor
# 1

Decorate their territory under the force of each.Flower Decorated co taste, is able to give the landscape a unique flavor.It should be filled with bright floral pattern rural area to enjoy every day of this splendor and enjoy life.Initially, you need to decide what to grow plants: annuals or perennial.The last is to choose those who have no time to engage in annual planting flowers.Flower Garden can be any shape: round bed, bed, stretched along the tracks, alpine slide.To determine which of these options is best to choose, the gardener should draw a diagram of the future of the flower bed.

# 2

Variety varieties allows you to make a bed, blooming from spring to autumn.Choosing colors is very interesting.By doing this, you must know what is required to care or other varieties, growing conditions which will suit best.Very hardy species are not so much.For example, tulips and hyacinths do not seem very demanding creatures, but their b

ulbs need to regularly dig up the plant in the summer and fall.In addition, the need to build the plant on the growth, size and color of the petals.For those who are interested in the question - how to make a flower bed in the country with their own hands, keep the following tips.

# 3

easiest way to create a bed of plants, flowering successively, all the warm season.The first to start fragrant daffodils, tulips and muscari.In June, blooming peonies, irises and marigolds.Later - daylilies and phlox.Asters bloom to the very cold weather.To form a spectacular flower garden, you can choose several colors, buy seeds and seedlings necessary grades.Low-growing plants are planted on the edges of flower beds, and is closer to the center - high.Determining the density of planting, you need to leave room for the development of plants and easy care.Flowerbed border limit of large stones, bulk edges of gravel or pebbles or decorative fence.Figures of birds and animals serve as an additional decoration.Flower garden in the country can be made small, the main thing - to choose plants of contrasting colors, then it will look great.