How to grow perennials blooming all summer ?

How to grow perennials blooming all summer ?
You will need:
  • prepared soil
  • seeds or seedlings
  • Garden tools
# 1

called perennials plants, flowering annual, seasonal and do not require a transplant.Wake up the plants in the spring, gain strength, and then preparing for the violent flowering.In autumn and winter perennials crumble, their ground part dies, but the rhizome remains intact.Because of this, the following spring, they again delight the delicate beauty of the surrounding.

# 2

Plant Seeds are best sown in late autumn.But not too late to do it in the winter and early spring it is not well suited for such a procedure.Before sowing the seeds of "harden" the cold for 2-3 weeks.They can be pre-moisten, for better germination.Seeds are sown in prepared perennials flower bed or crate, directly on top of the snow.Along with melting snow, they get into the soil themselves.

# 3

key to successful planting is to select the optimal location for the flower beds.Do not have a bed on the south side - all perennials are summer burn

.But if you use natural or artificial shading, then come up and the most "solar" station.

# 4

Seeds and seedlings of perennial plants can germinate in a greenhouse.There are a number of advantages: the seeds will blow the winter wind, melt water does not wash planting, the sprouts will not be damaged by humans or animals.In addition, the greenhouse can be regulated in temperature of the air stream sunlight, accelerating or slowing down the process of growing.

# 5

greenhouse seedlings dive in early spring, when the established constant temperature between + 2 ° C.Before that, you need to prepare the soil: dig and smooth it to remove the weeds, to determine the landing pattern.The soil will be useful to add the river sand and fertilizer.

# 6

summer, during the active flowering, you must watch for weeds and insect pests.From mandatory worries at this time it is worth noting regular watering perennials and loosening the soil.If you Do not do these procedures, perennials, flowering all summer, can turn into an annual plant.

# 7

In autumn it is necessary to clean up the fallen flowers and inflorescences, loosen the soil, add organic fertilizers, watering a flower bed.It is advisable then to hide it or spruce hvorostom.Podobnye annual events allow everyone to enjoy the summer flowering perennials, and they - effectively pollinate and reproduce.