How to choose a film for greenhouses ?

How to choose a film for greenhouses ?
You will need:
  • film greenhouse
  • basis under greenhouse
# 1

greenhouse structures advantage that the crop matures faster in them, and plant fruit better.This is due to the special microclimate, which is generated due to film coating.Now various types of commercially available films which differ greatly from each other, both in appearance and functionality.It is necessary to read the description of each film species, to finally make the right choice.It is also important that, what is a greenhouse in which climate zone it is in, you will need at some time.

# 2

Currently released 6 major types of greenhouse films.It makes sense to learn more about each of them.The most common in the film - the usual, polyethylene.Gardeners use it for many years.The reason - the habit, availability and cheap cost.It is clear, therefore disperses well and transmits light, retains moisture, elasticity.But the downside is that it is less durable of all, afraid of the cold, sags, gathering dust, is 1 sezon.Ne

stabilizirovanny polyethylene - the film is a little stronger than usual, but the sun's rays pass through it worse, so it keeps the heat inside is not so long.Light stabilizers increase the strength, service life - up to 7 months

# 3

Now on to the more professional and modern materialah.Plenka for greenhouses stable hydrophilic has a distinctive feature - it forms a condensate which drops slipping support humid climatein a greenhouse.This is the most favorable effect on plant growth and ripening of the fruit.Temperature stability is maintained, that's fine too.

# 4

heat-retaining film speaks for itself.The heat and humidity - it's what you need for a complete plant razvitiya.Sopolimernaya film - is strong enough to serve 3 years, but it is too transparent, which can lead to combustion plants, so caution is needed and control on hot days.

# 5

reinforced film - one of the most practical options.Permeability she is above average, but the strength is very high, due to strong reinforcing fibers.It serves up to 2 let.Plenka PVC - lead on the strength and durability can proderzhatsyana greenhouse for more than 5 years, retains heat during the night.But it may sag and be damaged if it is not tightened, there will be a new species, which are still in the development stage through it gets enough ultrafioleta.Skoro on plastic films market.