How to transplant rowan : Tips gardener

How to transplant rowan : Tips gardener
You will need:
  • seedlings
  • Compost
  • Fertilizers
# 1

Chokeberry - undemanding shrub that grows almost anywhere, in any soil.This advantage, as well as resistance to freezing, it allows to place anywhere in the section, it is convenient gardener.But in case of the need to transfer the bush to another location, you can use some tips on how to transplant a mountain ash.And the first condition for a successful transplant will be pruning.Plant with lush foliage is less likely to take root in the new territory.

# 2

When transplanting plants, as well as for planting, preparing the landing pit 60 by 60 cm, and the second piece of advice is to plant a mountain ash, is that in preparing it lays compost, peator humus, mixed with fertilizers.This nutrient medium will contribute to faster rooting plants in a new place.It also requires abundant watering, but do not recommend excessive waterlogging.Plant root collar at planting deepens not less than one and a half centimeters.

# 3

the first time after the transplant should pay attention to what looks like a mountain ash: if the bush buds begin to dry up, you need to pay attention to the condition of the soil - whether waterlogged or vice versa, lack of watering.Transplant as the planting is best to plan for the late autumn or early spring, before the sap movement.Correctly selected the transplant survival rate of plants accelerates.It is important to pay attention to the distance between the transplanted bushes - it should be not less than two meters.

# 4

Chokeberry take root easily and is generally resilient bushes.Therefore, to see how the blossoms rowan in the new territory, it will be in a year or two after "moving".New shoots will soon restore the volume of the crown and fruiting will continue in the same amount as before.Now we will focus on the formation of the crown, timely pruning, application of mineral fertilizing.And at the age of 7-9 years may be subject to Rowan rejuvenating pruning.

# 5

abundant watering, pruning and fertilization - these are the three things that are needed for those who are interested in how to grow rowan.Most of the work on a bush falls on early spring - cropping and autumn - harvesting, propagation by layering shrubs, planting and transplanting, sanitary pruning.The rest of the year is not so Rowan requires attention, and because of its hardiness, winter activities to do without shelter.