How to uproot the lilacs in the country ?

How to uproot the lilacs in the country ?
You will need:
  • Action Plan
  • Shovel
  • Axe
  • Sheets Slate
# 1

Often the owners of summer cottages or country houses faced with strongly overgrown lilac bush.The question arises - to leave everything as is, or uproot a bush.In favor of the second option shows the undoubted beauty during flowering.Spring lilac extraordinarily beautiful.And often have to think about how to uproot lilac, without breaking the harmony of the whole design.

# 2

Lilac bush gives not only a beautiful flower, but also mouthwatering flavor that no other match.But despite all the charm of a lilac bush uprooting still need.Bushes have property to grow, gradually turning into a thicket.This does not give the overall design aesthetic.Before starting work, you need to select the barrels, which are subject to removal.

# 3

If you have the knowledge on how to grow the lilacs of twigs, you can leave a few shoots for propagation.Get off the extra portion of lilac shoots better in early spring, before the sap flow.This

saves the bush from illness and possible death.First you need an ax to remove the aboveground part of the bush.Then the roots of uprooted bushes removed with a shovel and an ax.

# 4

This work requires considerable physical strength, so man must be carried out.After Bush put in order, you should think about how to remove the growth lilac.Bushes grow very quickly, so you need to take measures to prevent sprouting lilac in the wrong place.

# 5

help to avoid the widening of the bush the slate.It is necessary to dig it around the lilac bush at a depth of about half a meter.Then the roots can not extend beyond the borders, and the bush will not thrive.Sometimes, for the removal of overgrown use chemicals, but it is not the best solution.; In order to ensure an annual bloom violent need to know how to properly cut lilacs.

# 6

With proper pruning, flowering shrub will delight for years to come.Although lilacs are the most unpretentious, they still require some attention to himself.Timely pruning will guarantee bush flowering next year.It is necessary to remove the branches begin to fade periodically, leaving them in the bush.Withered flowers should be cut and burn.In no event it is impossible to leave them under a bush, as they can be a source of infection that would ruin the whole shrub.