How to put the house of chili seeds ?

How to put the house of chili seeds ?
You will need:
  • Seeds of pepper
  • box seedlings
  • Special soil
  • Fertilizers
# 1

Hostess, which has no garden can easily arrange a small winter gardenyour windowsill.So nice to pluck the fruit of their labor and immediately apply it in a culinary masterpiece.One of the most popular house plants that can be eaten is the chili.It has an attractive red fruits, burning unforgettable taste and can decorate the window sill for many years.Pepper did not fastidious in the care and cultivation.So, how to plant peppers home?

# 2

First of all, you need to soak the seeds.For this fit or a weak solution of potassium permanganate, or any growth stimulant intended for seed.Keep the seeds in a solution need not be long, about 25 - 30 minutes.The solution was then poured through a sieve and the seeds are ready for planting in soil.As the soil is better to take a special blend that is sold in the store and is designed for growing seedlings.It is this soil, fertilized in advance all the necessary materia

ls, knows how to keep the pepper and grow from it strong seedlings.

# 3

Pepper treat such plants, which are very fond of heat and moisture.Seeds are planted in the soil to a depth of no more than 1.4 cm, and the distance between the seeds must be no less than 1.2 cm. The box with the seeds planted need to cover with foil and put in a room where the air temperature is below 25 degrees.All this is so easy and fast as the cooking frozen peppers.Then you need to wait for the first shoots, usually they appear on the 14th day.

# 4

With the emergence of the first shoots, the film is a box you want to remove, reduce the room temperature to 17 - 18 degrees and move in the sunniest place in the apartment.If seedlings are grown in the winter, then using additional illumination to prolong daylight pepper seedlings for up to 12 hours.This approach to the cultivation of seedlings, is able to give a definite answer to the question, kakuskorit pepper growth.In the future, you need to raspikirovat pepper, it is done pripoyavlenii two leaves, when the seedlings 8 -9 cm in height.A week after the procedure you need to start well fertilized pepper.

# 5

Then you can move on to the next phase of how to put hot peppers in a permanent pot.To do this, choose some of the strongest shoots, and sit them in different pots.The soil should be light, fertilizer and well moisturized.Basic care is timely watering, pour pepper is not necessary, since the root system is susceptible to rapid decay.And every three months, the soil should be fertilized.