How to sit lilac : recommendation

How to sit lilac : recommendation
You will need:
  • Lilac bush
  • Sharing
  • strains
  • Vaccination
  • Garden knife
  • Greenhouse with film
# 1

In this paper, a detailed and step by step describedabout, frequently asked questions about many gardeners siren.Today, the variety of plants Fund is so large that buy really high quality seedlings has become a problem: sellers or uneducated in the matter, or on the contrary too smart, they are trying in every way to circle around the fingers of the buyer.Then there is a problem: how to sit alone lilacs?

# 2

There are several ways, so the materials are right for all methods.Every gardener should know the fact, how to care for lilacs, and how it correctly propagated.For this case, it should be treated with the approach.For many people closer propagation method, in this case, it is worth buying cuttings from a specialized dealer or by mail order.

# 3

What is the essence of propagation?Yes the same as that of fruit trees, but there are nuances.Cuttings of lilac to prepare only green

backs with leaves (to speak - the summer), but not those who managed to stiffen slightly.It is worth remembering that this method does not suit all varieties of lilacs.With cuttings extracted independent non-grafted lilacs.

# 4

How to destroy lilac everyone knows, but how to grow your own plant is not an easy task.It requires certain skills.The traditional way of seating lilac considered - vaccination, which does not depend on the type of plant.The best vaccine - the same rootstock varieties.But do not forget that the closer to the root system of a stock take root poorly.Plant the-eye and kidney, and cutting the bark.And summer grafting cuttings to make a crust, and in the spring as possible and kidneys.

# 5

Another method of how transplanted lilacs can be done if you follow a very simple way, as do the grandmother - just sit large shrub, a few small, the result may not be the one that usually everyone expects.Lilac whimsical in the root system - a bush must be non-grafted otherwise nothing will happen.

# 6

Now that the whole process is clear, the question of "how to plant lilacs?" - Is left behind, more importantly, want to do it and look after well-smelling, lovely plant.Since the lilac is a complex hybrid, for it is characterized by exceptionally vegetative method of reproduction, and it needs to carry out their own gardener.