How to water the lawn ?

How to water the lawn ?
You will need:
  • lawn watering system
# 1

guarantee of splendor and elegance of the lawn will be well-organized his system of watering.You can, of course, to carry out watering manually.But it is much more practical, more convenient, and aesthetic do it with the help of semi-automatic or automatic systems.Such systems are different - different kinds of complexity.They can create their own or apply to companies that specialize in this type of services.

# 2

most acceptable for irrigation water temperature is between 15 ͦS - 25 ͦS.It is important to observe the optimum amount of incoming water.It is clear that the lack of irrigation is fraught with drying vegetation.But waterlogging is also undesirable.It can lead to the development of fungal diseases, to leaching of nutrients.Due lawn which is likely to lose the attractiveness of appearance.

# 3

In general, irrigation rate depends on many factors: the varieties of sod cover, soil structure, weather conditions, availability of shade

.For lawn enough about 3-5 cm of water per week.More specifically, for the sandy loam - 20-30 l / m.with the frequency of income every 3-4 days, for clay soils - 35-40 l / m.with a frequency of once a week.To calculate the right amount of water, you need to install on the lawn a small container and measure the time required volume filling.

# 4

automatic lawn watering system consists usually of the following components: • A communications (electrical wiring, pipes);water treatment (wells, water filters, pumping stations, central water supply);control elements (valves, controllers);accessories (fittings, valves, sprinklers or irrigation heads, and others.).

# 5

Automatic watering drip happens, fan, rotary.Of course, his device requires investment funds, but because the result is worth it.Watering will be carried out with a well-defined program, efficiently and regularly.No need to worry about caring for your lawn in case of prolonged absence.Especially since many of the systems are able to automatically adjust the algorithm of the equipment with a significant change in weather conditions.