How to plant strawberry seeds : Grade remontant

How to plant strawberry seeds : Grade remontant
You will need:
  • Soil
  • Seeds
  • Water
# 1

How to plant strawberry seeds: variety remontantnayaMechta many gardeners is that all around the fragrant and fruit as possiblelonger.Here scientists and realized their dream, creating a sort of remontant strawberries.It can produce fruit until frost.Often its scarlet berries could be seen from under a small layer of the first October snow.But before you enjoy the divine strawberry flavor, you need to know how to plant the seeds of strawberries.Of course, you can buy already grown bushes of strawberries, but they are quite expensive and themselves grow such a miracle is much more interesting.Moreover, that should start sprouting in early February, and by this time gardeners stoskovavshis for garden work, happy to put different cultures seedlings.

# 2

First you need to buy a special soil for strawberries in a specialty store.Earth from his garden categorically is not suitable, since it is very often contains pathogens, which does not cost anythin

g, like kill more weak seedlings.Talking about how to plant a strawberry seeds or strawberry remontannuyu important to note that it is only scatter evenly over the surface of moist soil, not falling asleep, because sprouts are very small and simply can not overcome the topsoil.Then the seedlings need to cover the container with transparent material - glass, foil and place on a warm windowsill.After 10 days, the first shoots appear, and a month later they can already dive.If someone does not know about it, then do not worry.

# 3

First, readers are now found out about it, and secondly, it is impossible to know everything.Someone is, for example, does not know how to grow Impatiens from seed, because it is easier to propagate by cuttings.Planting strawberries and balsam are similar.Seeds balsam also put in a light substrate, and also covered with plastic or glass.But, unlike strawberries sprinkled with sand or soil.After 5-10 days, the seedlings appear.And who does not know how to plant the seeds of asters and tormented in a choice - whether to plant their seedlings or can be directly in the open ground.Although both, and then right.That's saying about how to plant pepper seeds can be given only one affirmative answer - seedlings in early February, as well as strawberries.After all these plants, too, a long growing season.