How to plant the seeds of asters : Tips gardener

How to plant the seeds of asters : Tips gardener
You will need:
  • Earth
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Seeds
# 1

Astra is able to give any infield bright, festive look.To have such a beauty on its plot, you need to know how to plant the seeds of asters.Traditionally, they are planted seedlings in mid-March.In a container with good soil spilled sprinkled flower seeds are covered with a 0.5 cm soil.Top seedling box is covered with cellophane and removed under a warm battery.

# 2

If the seeds are fresh, the small shoots appear for 3-4 days, then the container immediately put on the window sill, close to the window.It is important to know that collected in the previous year, the seeds have excellent germination.In the second year they lose these qualities, so it's best every year to buy new packets of seeds of asters.But the seeds of zinnias may well come up and in the third year after the harvest.You just need to know how to grow from seed tsiniyu.

# 3

Astra also can be planted before winter, and did not need to be planted seedlings of flowers ho

me, and then transport them to the country.It will be enough to seat them at a distance of 20x20 cm not forget to water, loose, and at the end of June, they will blossom.Astra (in scientific callistephus) - unpretentious flower, it can grow not only on sandstone, but also on the loam.The same soil prefers kanoplya.Some wonder how the seeds germinate.Kanoplya, however, it is forbidden for farming culture.But Astra is not only possible but also need to grow.

# 4

can dissolve in the garden of Pompone, spherical, hrizantemovidnye, pipe, reed and other types of fancy colors.All of them are equally well propagated by seeds, from which it is easy to grow fragrant decoration for garden.We can remember how to grow from the seeds of the kiwi, as callistephus propagate much easier than this exotic green.Unlike kiwi, its seeds do not need stratification to germinate and they are much faster.

# 5

Kiwi unlike asters - heat-loving plant.But aster can be sown in the literal sense of the snow.Just as the plant marigold seeds, aster can begin to grow; in the early spring.In mid-April, when more snow, you need to clean up his shed thoroughly with boiling water, to plant flower seeds, sprinkled with sand.This is followed by a tight cover tseloffanom and wait for germination.After that, put on asters arc and throw them a dense film.After a couple months the seedlings become luxuriantly flowering bushes colored asters.