How to plant phlox seeds : decoration flower garden

How to plant phlox seeds : decoration flower garden
You will need:
  • Flowers
  • Seeds
  • Seedlings
  • Collect seeds
# 1

Flowers.Many found different annual and perennial flowers.Some of them grow in home gardens.These include: phlox, delphinium and cineraria.Phlox - is an annual flower.It is usually white and look like a snowflake.Many people ask the question - "How to plant phlox seeds?".Usually grown phlox seedlings.Begin planting in March.Since large seeds and coated, they are put directly on the surface of the spray and watered.They love it when a lot of light.After the first shoots appear, start the pick.Then planted in open ground.Phlox rich greens and requires watering their nitrogen fertilizer, especially before flowering.When flowers begin to appear, it is desirable phlox abundantly watered.

# 2

seeds.Delphinium - is a perennial flower.Sometimes gardeners interested in: - "How to plant delphinium seeds?ยป Terms of planting this plant special.The seeds begin to plant in mid-March.They were seeded in a box and put under the freezer.Th

en put in a dark place.When it shoots will begin picks.Seedlings can be taken out.As soon as the ground warms up in the garden, you can plant them in the open ground.From then on there is only watered.The flowers on the bushes planted densely and therefore can break from the wind, to make this support immediately upon landing.To delphinium bloomed several times, do not give seeds to ripen.Once the flowers begin to fade, they should be cut off.

# 3

Seedlings.Years cineraria flower looks like a shrub.This is a very undemanding plant belongs to the family Asteraceae.So what is the answer to the question - 'How to grow from the seeds of cineraria "start preparing the seedlings in December.For this sow seeds and poured into boxes of a spray.Then cover with foil or glass, the temperature should be 18 C. When the seedlings start to her picks.When the seedlings start to touch each other, they are seated in separate pots and watered with fertilizer.After 8-9 months after planting the flowers begin to appear.Very good use for cineraria decoration borders, and can be planted in different pots.

# 4

collection of seeds.Another important issue is the gardeners: - "How do I save the seeds?"The most important thing for the seeds, so as not to get wet.To do this you need to put them in a plastic bag, and it - in a jar with a lid.But that moisture there was not going to put a jar with feline bags filled and tightly closed lid, put in a dark place.;

# 5

again gaining popularity now a tradition to collect seeds in their backyards.And the question arises - "How to collect seeds?".Each plant runs differently collection process.In tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant seeds extracted from overripe fruit.If you take the parsley, then it is cut greens, root is dug and planted in a pot.Onions, garlic, beets and dug and planted in boxes or pots for the winter.The following year, from root vegetables prepared in this manner grows greens already seeded.