How to plant flower bulbs or seeds ?

How to plant flower bulbs or seeds ?
You will need:
  • Seeds kohii
  • seeds cactus
# 1

Any Florist eventually permeated the desire to self-grow your plant (preferably any exotic) from the outset.This is a very interesting experience and quite affordable.

# 2

Of course Botany all know that almost any plant reproduces vegetatively - separate parts (cuttings, leaves, roots, bulbs, seeds).To learn how to plant flower seeds, we'll continue.Simply select the necessary seeds (purchased at the store or collect from their own beds) and sow them in the ground.

# 3

is very important as the planting flower seeds, you need to evenly distribute them over the surface to plants when they grow, do not interfere with each other (small seeds are sown thick and large - less).There are three ways of sowing seeds: female, private and Broadcast.To hatch sprouts, nothing supernatural is not required: you just need to provide the seeds moist and warm environment.

# 4

Today kochia - the decorative "cypress" - is popular around the world and

in this section, we discuss how to grow from seed kohiyu.Seeds are sown in March-April.To quickly sprouted seeds, you need to fit well to moisten the soil.For germination is important enough sunlight.Also necessary to spray the soil, to avoid drying of the upper layer.

# 5

There are different ways of how fast sprout seeds.Perhaps the most popular: · soaking the seeds in water (seeds can rise earlier for 2-3 days), · seed germination, laid out on a thin damp cloth (speed germination 5-7 days) · seed treatment with microelements, juices solutionsaloe, kalanchoe (it stimulates the growth of plants) and other

# 6

cultivation of rare plant seeds -. special art.And how to grow from the seeds of a cactus - it is something wonderful.Nevertheless, it is perhaps not as difficult as it may seem.To start seeds helpful disinfected in a weak solution of potassium permanganate (15-20 hours).Cactus Seeds sown surface, the ground did not fall asleep.In the first few months it is important to ensure that humidity, light, fresh air.

# 7

Thus, nothing is impossible: with a strong desire, patience and determination, you can grow a miracle and at home.