Flower bed - dressing area

Flower bed - dressing area
You will need:
  • Tubers
  • plan
  • Stones
  • Decorative elements
# 1

flowerbed - uchastkaTsvety decoration and floral arrangements can enliven any area.Flowering perennials are not too picky, but if you pick the right combination for a bed, it will bloom from early spring to the very cold weather.The first step is to develop a plan for future flower beds, to prepare the ground for planting, for example, fertilize or fill topsoil.Prepare the necessary seedlings, bulbs and seeds.Perhaps planted plants will have to "schedule", it is important to clarify these details in advance.

# 2

First of all blossom crocuses and hyacinths, followed - daffodils and tulips, then it was the turn of pions.In the summer of actively blooming lilies, gladioli, roses.In the fall of all chrysanthemums and dahlias.Flowerbed on the basis of these plants will delight the whole season the owner, if desired, you can add it annuals, grasses and ornamental shrubs.On paper, it is necessary to calculate the dimensions of b

eds and how it will be distributed to the plants.Under the plan, it is possible for one season to create a beautiful flower bed that will bloom for many years without requiring serious attention.

# 3

In addition to plants, flowerbed may include decorative elements.Firstly, the edges of flower beds can be arranged beautiful boulders or sprinkle with small pebbles.Secondly, in the center of the flower beds you can put an old mirror, masking the edges - it is an imitation of the reservoir.You can also use the garden sculptures, construct a small fence and hang pots on it, imitating rustic style.You can use plastic bottles for decoration borders and instead of decorative vases.In the design of the flower beds there are no limits to the imagination!

# 4

For those who loves to bushes, ideal beds - rock garden or rockeries.Such a bed can be supplemented with a miniature ornamental ponds, which can feel great ferns, tsiperus, nymphs and other aquatic plants.Next to the flower bed you can put garden chairs or bench, break the lawn, and most likely, this place will become a favorite throughout the cottage!