How to grow from the seeds of viola : pansy

How to grow from the seeds of viola : pansy
You will need:
  • Seeds
  • Viola
# 1

There are situations where a large amount of seed is spoiled and thrown away due to lack of information and experiences gardener.Viola - a very undemanding plant and the special care it does not really need.But, anyway, she, like any plant, requires attention.

# 2

viola How to grow from seed.To grow from seed viola, first you need to choose intact and largest seeds.Once the seeds are planted, you want to loosen the earth and be sure to periodically watered with a mixture of fertilizer needed.In order to enable the plant to form a healthy root system, for the first year of life, it is not necessary to allow it to bloom.It is best to pluck the buds which have already appeared.

# 3

How to grow castor seed.This flower is very unpretentious.This plant prefers areas with loose and fertile soil with a uniform moistening.Before creating the inflorescence is desirable to fertilize the plant with nitrogen.In that case, if there are no rains, the castor-oil

plant should be watered regularly.Exclude moderate moisture should be only in the flowering period.

# 4

How to grow geraniums from seed.Before you plant a flower, you need to soak the seeds in a light solution of manganese for two hours.Then we must put them in the ground to a depth of 0.5-1 cm. After that pot, planted with seeds, you need to put in a bright place.In two weeks there will be shoots.Flower should be watered very carefully, the water should always be in the least.

# 5

How to grow celery seed.This will require some of celery seeds.They also like geranium, put it in a light solution of potassium permanganate at 1.5 hours.Then put the seeds into the ground and watered periodically with a solution, which includes water and fertilizer.

# 6

How to grow from the seeds of purslane.March-is the right time for planting .This plant grows best in poor soil and light, so before planting need to pay attention to the quality of the land.For sowing purslane should choose a mixture of ordinary soil and sand.In the first month of sowing purslane grows very slowly and therefore requires attention and care.