How to grow a bushy begonia from seed ?

How to grow a bushy begonia from seed ?
You will need:
  • Seeds
  • Peat
# 1

any plant needs care not only during direct flowering, but from the beginning of origin of the seed.Each color has a certain specificity of the stratification of seeds, so it is important to know the right approach to each.

# 2

How to grow begonia from seed.Seeds of begonias do not require pre-treatment.In late March, they should be scattered on the soil, lightly clapping his hand to the seeds are not carried away by the wind, then you need to pour the water and close the plastic box or cellophane.Every day, repeat this procedure for 14-15 days, after which the seeds must bark.Scion can be distributed on separate plastic cups.

# 3

How to stratify the seeds.Most often, the seeds never germinate, if not to provide them with certain conditions in the likeness of what makes them living soil.To do this, mix-dried seeds with peat or sand, mix thoroughly and place in a specific container and moisturize every day.After the seeds are swollen, they must be m

oved in a dark place.Be sure to also see to it, that in the box was always a hole through which the water must be collected.Sprouts will appear after 10-12 days.

# 4

How to water the seeds.In that case, if the seeds of fresh water them much less than dry, but be aware that the effectiveness of dry seed germination is much higher than the wet.In any case it is impossible to water the seeds of direct jet, this should buy a watering can with fine holes.

# 5

How to grow begonia seeds.Planting the seeds Begonia should be in late December or early January.Since they are very small, they can simply spill over the ground of sand, leaf soil and peat, previously disinfected it into potassium permanganate, and the top covered with snow.As soon as the snow melts, will appears sprouts begonias.

# 6

How to store seeds.Any seeds before you leave for long-term storage, it should be thoroughly dried.Then place them in a tightly sealed container and kept in a dark place at a relative humidity of 9% to 14%.