How to grow a palm tree in the country ?

How to grow a palm tree in the country ?
You will need:
  • Seeds palm
  • Kidney
  • Water
  • Fertilizers
  • High greenhouse
# 1

habitual vegetables, such as carrot, tomato, cucumber, cabbage,nobody will be surprised, but if some of them will be palm frond, then such a sight will impress all those who happen to witness it.But before entering the neighbors in a state of shock, it is necessary to know how to grow a palm tree, and plant the seeds of this plant are still at home.Germination of some varieties of palms long, therefore, to put it in the summer in a greenhouse, it is necessary to start an operation to grow even in winter.In stores now easy to buy seeds Washington, Yucca, date palms.These types of trees like the heat, so they will be in the greenhouse expanse.Seeds need nadpilit Washington and soak for 3 days, and the date-bone can be directly planted in the ground and put in the heat.If done correctly, it will be the young shoots that will grow quite rapidly.

# 2

Once the tree has grown, the following question arises: how to

transplant a palm tree?This should be done very carefully so as not to damage the roots.It is necessary to take the pot, in which a young palm tree growing, tilt horizontally and gently tapping on the edge of the table, turn the container.Palm tree with roots and a clod of earth should be separated from the old pot.Now it can be put into a large container and remember how to take care of the home a palm tree.The conditions of these tropical plants are different.

# 3

But, how to care for palm trees Parlour, Kent?These trees are not pampered and loved the low overnight temperatures 10 degrees.They are contraindicated in direct sunlight.Penumbra - that's what they need.Therefore, these trees grow well in winter in urban kvartirah.Pri care palm is important to know whether you can remove the withered leaves.Of course.

# 4

Aesthetics requires that the plant had a beautiful green leaves, but in fact varieties of palm trees take nutrients because of old leaves: yellow or even brown.This is a common mistake, as there is a perception that the leaves turned yellow, on the contrary, take the plants nutrients.With palm trees should be removed completely only wilted leaves when they turn brown.

# 5

sell special fertilizer for palm trees that need to be diluted in water according to the instructions and periodically feed the plants.And they will thank rapid growth, lush green mass and will be a perfect decoration of your home or garden.