How to plant strawberry seeds : chalet Tricks

How to plant strawberry seeds : chalet Tricks
You will need:
  • Seeds
  • box
  • Soil
  • peat pots
# 1

Every cottager trying to grow strawberries on your site.This is the first berry, which is not only pleasing to your taste and aroma, but also a messenger of the summer and sun.Her love both children and adults, and jam, cooked strawberries, budetradovat and in winter.But grow strawberries to the envy of all the neighbors Delaunay easy, especially if you grow it from seed.But to understand vsehhitrostyah cultivation of strawberries, the question of how to plant a strawberry seed, will no longer worry about any experienced gardeners.

# 2

Selecting seeds.Half of the success in the cultivation of strawberries from seed belongs to quality seeds.The more valuable strawberry variety, the less seed is in the package, this should be ready, if the sort of elite, the seeds can not be more than 7 - 12 pieces.Therefore, for the first time is better to take the average value of the class, where the seed is at least 20 to 30 units, in this case, the

chances of obtaining a crop will be much higher.

# 3

Grunt.The box is typed garden soil and in December you can already start to grow seedlings of strawberries.The seeds are placed on top of the earth at a distance of 5 -7 cm to the shoots do not interfere with each other, sprinkle them on top of the ground is not necessary, the ground should be well moistened, and the top covered box or glass, or a transparent film, so that the sun's rays had free access toground.Everything is so simple as to grow from the seeds of Impatiens

# 4

first shoots.With the emergence of the first shoots, the film or the glass must be removed.Yaschikpostoyanno should be on the direct sunlight.After the first few leaves on the seedlings every bush transplanted votdelny peat pot and it was there until the transplant into the ground.Vazhnopomnit that plant the seeds of a strawberry is a plant aster seeds, be sure they need to ensure maximum sunlight from it depends how fast rise and become strong seedlings.

# 5

transplant into the ground.When the weather outside is established not less than 15 degrees, you are ready to transplant seedlings into the ground.Over the summer, strawberries finally get stronger and will grow, and in the next year will be able to please your first harvest.The system is the same as pepper plant seeds, the fruits of their trudamozhno be assessed only after a year.

# 6

Strawberries or strawberries.Many gardeners grow not only strawberries, but strawberries in their area.Therefore, the question of how to plant seeds of strawberries, as is relevant.To grow strawberries scheme strawberry growing from seed is suitable completely, but there is one difference that you need to pay special attention.

# 7

strawberry seedling thermophilic, temperature should not fall below +23 +25 degrees, and the soil is well moistened, and before planting the seedlings to the site need to prepare a little bit, make a day on the street, at night againhouse.After a week of this hardening it can be planted in open ground, but the first harvest can be collected in September.