How to germinate seeds of beans : external factors

How to germinate seeds of beans : external factors
You will need:
  • bean seeds
  • roses Seeds Seeds
  • asters
  • Internet
# 1

Grow plants - what could be better?This is a wonderful occupation, and many people are doing it almost professionally.No fewer people are willing to do this wonderful thing, but are afraid of different complexity of the case.In fact, this is no big deal, and in fact, any business should be with something nachinat.Samy first question asked by beginners: "How to order seeds?".In fact, if the city is not suitable seeds, they can be ordered in the online store, and even from different countries, such as Finland, the Netherlands, Germany and from many others.Order seeds from the online store is also produced, as well as in any other.You must select a suitable person seeds, put them in a "shopping cart" and then pay.You can pay via bank terminals or via an electronic purse if there is a human agent.All that remains now only receive a notice from the post office on the premise.

# 2

Grow plants - is not easy, so first you n

eed to learn to do it correctly.For beginners it is best to start with simpler growing plants, such as peas, beans, mustard.Even at the present time in school children ask at biology lessons germinate the seeds of beans.How to germinate seeds of beans?Very simply, it is easier than it seems.Bean seeds must be added in any container (if small - it is possible, for example, in a cup) and a top cover with several layers of wet gauze.After 3-4 days the seeds should be open, and after 7-8 days to appear shoots and seeds can already be planted in the ground.

# 3

seeds of some plants used in the cosmetic and health purposes.For example, sealed flax seeds are used as cosmetic masks for the face, as well as taken orally.They prevent ulcers and promote weight loss.Brewing flax seed?1/2 tablespoon need to make 100 ml of boiling water and leave for 10 minutes.

# 4

If a person has more or less learned to grow plants, we can already begin to more complex plants that require more care.For example, roses.Usually already buy roses from cuttings, but because until then they need to grow from seed.How to grow from the seeds of a rose?The thing is, we can say, it is very difficult.Roses are very picky, and just throw the seeds in the ground does not turn out.Before their land, seeds should be put in order, prepare for landing.After that, they should be planted in containers, where the seeds grow into little sprouts.

# 5

As soon as they appear on the leaf 2, each sprout should be transplanted into individual pots.When the heat is on the street, the pots can be set closer to the sun, but not in the thick of.Then catch up and get stronger shoots, will grow faster.In general, the case is quite complex, and if people want to engage in the cultivation of roses from seed seriously - it is best to consult with more experienced gardeners.

# 6

How to grow from the seeds of asters?Here, everything is much easier than for example with roses.To start, you need to choose the right seeds and check them for germination.Choose the best person to help the seeds at the store where they were purchased.They simply sow into the soil and watered regularly, first from a spray, so as not to blur the small seeds.When will the shoots - can be watered with special watering or sprinklers.Soon asters grow and will please the eye with their beauty.