How to plant flower seeds : truth grower

How to plant flower seeds : truth grower
You will need:
  • Flower seeds
  • Fertilizers
  • Garden tools
  • containers for seedlings
# 1

Flowers for centuries attracted the attention of the person: of them create flower beds andgardens, they adorn the home.Many gardeners are wondering how to plant flower seeds to get the perfect decorative flowerbed.The main answer is - it is the feeling of love, care and accuracy.Working with flowers is better to create a little piece of paradise beautiful than the big, but disharmonious flower.

# 2

There are many fine recommendations how to grow seeds home.After all, for the normal growth and development of plants need nutrients, water, air, heat, light.In the absence of one of them, the plant dies, as the water can not be replaced, such as nutrients.True florist professionals should be aware of what plants need in moist soil, which in the fertile and fertilizing, how light is needed, and what is best left in the shadows.For example, everyone knows that the cactus long time can survive without irr

igation, ficus, dracaena, ferns and shade-loving, and lily of the valley grows well on moist soil.But this is only some of the most common examples.

# 3

Many home, and in principle, the garden flowers in need of germination or seedlings.For example, how to plant the seeds of petunias?Petunia - it's gorgeous, bright, curly flower.In order to grow it will need a container for seedlings with holes at the bottom (it is necessary for funneling water) fertile land.Plant the seeds in a container can be arbitrarily because it sprouts.Spray bottle with warm water can irrigate the entire surface in the future.These small seeds like petunias do not even sow more, but only lightly pressed into the ground, or they will not germinate.Be sure to create parnichok, covering crops.Any grower before planting should pay attention on how to check the germination of seeds.Usually this is done by soaking and germination in water in the following way - if the seeds germinate from 10 7 pieces, the germination rate is 70 percent of 100.

# 4

How to sow the seeds of flowers that sprouted in the flowerbed flowers look good?It is necessary to have the seeds necessarily at an equal distance from each other, but if you want you can also vary the decorative flower beds and plant the seeds in the form of various geometric shapes: a triangle, rhombus, a square or a circle.Geometric shapes on the beds are best obtained from the low and small flowers when bed is more like a flower carpet.Large and tall flowers such as lupine or tulips are best planted in a circle.A center planting other kinds of flowers.The most important thing - to think in advance the appearance of a flower bed, and then, from what kinds of flowers it will be created.