How to care for the roots of perennial ?

How to care for the roots of perennial ?
You will need:
  • Perennial Garden tools
# 1

Perennial flowers - the flowers, especially the flowering two - three weeks in all seasons except winter.These flowers are not capricious, and behind them is very easy to look after.

# 2

Fertilizers.These flowers are fertilized when vegetation begins, when flowering begins at the end of flowering.Fertilizers are substances that promote the growth of plants, to protect it from pests and increase the general characteristics of plants.Fertilizer plants convey some of the chemical components, which is not enough; for the flower.

# 3

Mulching - a very useful thing.It gives the aesthetic appearance of the flower, and at the same time, helps retain moisture and temperature in the soil.This is especially important in times of sudden temperature decreases.Mulching is covering the soil surface loose natural materials, such as sawdust.Mulching is one of the most effective ways to preserve the health of the plant.

# 4


not need frequent watering.Watering is necessary only during dry periods.Watering is carried out at the root, not in any case, not the leaves.

# 5

trimming, it is necessary to give any garden beautiful and high-quality appearance.Trimming is done with special clippers or by installing a special fence.

# 6

Removing bad inflorescences.Perennials need to be processed, namely to pluck wilted blossoms.Once they faded, bolls (for reproduction) are formed on them.If you do not need to be propagated perennial plant, it is necessary to remove the faded blossoms.

# 7

support colors.Some perennials require additional supports to achieve tolerance flower.Since, after sprouting, he is not able to withstand its weight.It is best to take care in advance, it will save power plants, and in consequence, support shielding from prying eyes.

# 8

roots of perennials.If the roots of perennials fleshy and thick, it should be handled with care, as they are very vulnerable.