How to care for lawn grass ?

How to care for lawn grass ?
You will need:
  • Assistive
  • Shoes
# 1

Bryzgovik.Zagorodny house is not only fresh air and unity with nature, but also a place of rest.Where you can arrange all of their own accord without adhering to the specified templates and standards.Koka Whatever the idea and its realization, whatever image is not adhered to whatever style did not take a vacation home, lawn grass will always be appropriate and perfectly fit into any landscape.It gives the area a neat and well-groomed appearance, it is easy to care for and spend time on the lawn very nice.Whatever lawn grass happy with the hosts as long as possible, had the rich color, densely covered the earth and the sun shone beautifully behind her still need care.First of all, the lawn does not like dry soil.In the arid, hot weather, the grass turns yellow, fades and fade.Just when lack of moisture may appear bald spots that look very ugly.In order to avoid such consequences scorching sun lawn must be watered regularly and generously.However, do not

put excessive soil flooding, puddles and streams.This situation may lead to the fact that the grass, eventually, simply start to rot.So, lawn love a good watering, but all must know when to stop.The best option may be a special mud flaps.These simple devices are not only evenly and not too heavily will pour the lawn, but also save time owners.It is also necessary to periodically mow the lawn, in the current case, it will grow more luxuriantly and look neat.

# 2

Special studded shoes.What else includes Lawn grass?Among other things, the lawn requires good ventilation of the root system.To do this, at garden stores sell special shoes, the soles of which are set spikes.Walking in such shoes from time to time will be sufficient to provide the necessary air roots.If, however, the grass does not grow too thick, it can be podseyat at any time from May to September.