How to make a track when you create a landscape design ?

How to make a track when you create a landscape design ?
You will need:
  • Sand
  • Crushed
  • Covering tracks
  • Tools
# 1

How to make a track when you create a landscape design Lanes - is the starting point in the creation of the landscape?site design.This is the first thing that you need to plan.Tracks can be very different.Straight and curved, it all depends on the style of the future garden.It is also important, and the width of the track, at the central, it should be at least 1.2m.Before the construction, it is necessary to find out on what the ground will be located track.Ideal if sand.Then the process of laying down the coating is greatly simplified.Excess sand is removed at the desired depth, and immediately laid track.It will complement the landscaped garden.

# 2

In other cases, in order to make the foundation stronger create the so-called "trough."The soil is removed for 15-40 cm. Then poured gravel or crushed stone, then sand.And only after that the decorative covering is laid.We must remember that each layer must be well compacted.Thi

s modern material like geotextiles, which lay between the gravel and sand, prevents the germination of weeds between the cover elements.In addition, it performs a reinforcement function, making "trough" stronger.Choosing a cover for tracks you need to take into account the traffic on it and style garden.All coatings are divided into two types.Pebble, brick and stone, pavers, concrete - a solid cover and gravel, wood or bark - soft.The landscape design of the track will fit well at the same time the use of multiple coatings.

# 3

most practical material - natural stone.He's strong and durable.Over the years, it becomes only more beautiful.They use different kinds of rocks but granite ranked first among stone coverings.He has a wide choice of colors.It allows you to create mosaic patterns on the track.As it is convenient to go, thanks to its flat or relatively flat surfaces.To give the track a finished look and to strengthen its edge, it is made by a border.You can buy ready-made metal or plastic.But it is much more effective will be the border of natural materials - marble, shell rock, granite.They are very attractive, well-protected path from destruction and sprouting grass.

# 4

most important thing in creating a track in landscape design - a single style garden and coating durability and comfort material.The stronger it is, the longer it will last and will require less than the cost of repairs and maintenance.