How to plant a plant in peat pots ?

How to plant a plant in peat pots ?
You will need:
  • Peat pots
  • Soil mixture for planting
  • Fertilizers
# 1

purchasing seeds for flowers or vegetables and proraschivaya them before boarding, any grower thinks abouthow much after identify emerging shoots.Often, the choice falls on the remaining mayonnaise from plastic buckets, jars of yogurt and other plastic containers.But when the seedlings grow up, before planting into the soil of a container it is necessary to extract and, therefore, can damage the root system, and even destroy the grown culture.Pots from peat - a way to put the plant and not to disturb the roots when transplanting into the ground.

# 2

Peat pots are made from a mixture of peat, sawdust or peat with cardboard.They are strong enough and does not soak by irrigation, but when placed in the ground, they are gradually destroyed, allowing plant roots to penetrate the walls and at the same time receive nourishment from peat.Seedlings planted in peat pots, experience less stress, its root system is not damaged

, which means that it provides the best survival rate in the new location.A gardener will not have to wrestle with how to repot the plant.Fertilizer for plants grown in peat pots, should be carried out as well as for growing in other containers.

# 3

In general, no difference in preparation of seedlings in open ground there.No need extra caution and reflection on how to water the plants in peat pots.This should be done as much and at the same rate as for seedlings growing in other capacities.The walls of the pots of peat withstand watering and not be scattered ahead of time.When planting in the ground, they decompose immediately, but gradually, within a month, and some pots, with thicker walls are partially preserved in the ground almost to the autumn.Seedlings may begin to grow through the walls of pots before landing, it is necessary to follow it, apart far enough pots to prevent root weave.

# 4

Peat pots at the beginning will save a young plant from weeds, because they are filled with soil, which had no roots of weeds and their seeds.And every gardener has repeatedly puzzled over how to get rid of plants that can clog the beds and inhibit the growth of vegetables and flowers.An excellent solution to this situation would be planting seedlings in peat pots on a bed, previously prepared and covered with black non-woven fabric.Pots descend into the pit, above which are special slits in the canvas, 3 cm below the soil level.Now, no weeds cultural landings are not terrible.

# 5

Another plus peat pots, which was not mentioned earlier - is the aeration of the soil.Namely - the roots of the plants that live in a pot of peat, it is easier to breathe.The plastic container is often necessary to do the vents, but the pot it does not need peat.Their walls are permeable to air, because plants grow faster and be stronger.Gardening worth doing for fun, so anything that helps to avoid the extra effort - is good for ogorodnichat amateur.Peat pot - just such a great idea.