How to make humus or compost ?

How to make humus or compost ?
You will need:
  • box compost
  • Dung
  • Components humus
  • Water
# 1

so-called leaf mold is made of fallen leaves and is not a fertilizer,although also a good helper for the gardener.But if you want to increase the fertility of the soil, it is necessary to think how to make humus that can be the key to high yield.This is more often called humus compost.Why is it so different in its properties sheet mulch and humus manure?It's simple - the expansion in these cases is by means of completely different bacteria.In the case of leaf mold fungi, which are processed fallen leaves, do not need air access, but we need a lot of moisture.But if you have an idea how to make humus from manure, the first thing to remember: compost excess water is not necessary.It is not necessary to dig a pit for harvesting compost - air should flow freely in the harvested material.

# 2

useful compost for leaves, grass clippings, weed the weeds, the remains of food, spoiled food, sawdust, straw, and other organic produc

ts.How to get from manure humus?The dried dung is mixed with dry grass or straw and stacked in layers in a common compost heap.Next, we can only wait for the necessary time to compost "ripe."Compost pile is best placed on a concrete base or on the dense layer of sand and sawdust.Do not think twice about how to make a box of humus, because any capacity for it must meet several requirements: one wall it should be taken out or opened for compost, the top should have a lid that does not allow to fall into the excess moisture, and shouldbe a drain to ensure that water does not stagnate inside.

# 3

compost for better ripening necessary to periodically turn and stir: more mature compost will be in the bottom of the heap.Mature humus-compost has no unpleasant smell - a homogeneous mass, which has the components can not be identified.There are many options for how to make humus: firstly, adding during vskopki site;secondly, to support seedlings - in each well with plant;Thirdly, arranging "warm" beds;Fourth, under the roots of garden trees and shrubs as mulch.You can use the compost to cook quick feeding of plants - 20 liters of water takes about one shovel the compost mass.The resulting dressing has to infuse for about seven days, after which she watered the plants.Compost is very useful for the gardener, and is the key to high yield!