How to get the humus of dead leaves ?

How to get the humus of dead leaves ?
You will need:
  • Plastic container
  • collected foliage
  • Water
# 1

experienced gardeners know that the site is very useful humus.It bred earthworms, which have major influence on the fertility of the soil and its permeability;it can be used for mulching flower beds, soil oxidation and alignment of its level.This humus is formed somewhat simpler than compost - though he may not be the same fertilizer.Realizing the full benefits, it is hard not to think about how to get humus.

# 2

autumn is the time to make sure to gather as much material for compost.It can be the leaves and other garden trees, shrubs and conifers.Foliage is usually decomposed for about a year, the needles require more time - 2-3 years, and this is taken into account when laying.The fungi responsible for the way the formed humus, almost do not need oxygen, so the collected leaves stacked tightly or packed in plastic bags, which then need to pierce in several places to prevent moisture formation.

# 3

The most important condition is, how to make humus, will be the presence of moisture.Plastic, wood or metal containers can be filled completely with water and bags of leaves thoroughly watered.Very well, if the leaves collected in wet weather or pre-milled: the material will decompose faster.You can not close the container for compost - to have to get into rainwater.Mix and disturbed in the process of rotting foliage mass is not necessary.

# 4

beginner gardener will ask; how to use the humus and useful it is, firstly, when transplanting - to zamulchirovat flower bed (in this case humus keep moisture in the soil and watering plants could be reduced);Second, the alignment area of ​​lawn, or the lining of the beds;Thirdly, as the acidulant soil - soil is introduced in plants at planting or directly under the roots of the plant;Fourthly, it will replace the purchase of peat.

# 5

first year of the first tab of humus is better not to worry - it is ready for use just before the second tab, ie the fall.This humus is still possible to see the remains of leaves and twigs.How to make humus to the second tab?Part of the first tab can be used for gardening purposes, and the remainder can either be placed in the compost, or put on top of a new batch of leaves, so that you can use ready-made humus for the next season.