How to use humus right?

How to use humus right?
You will need:
  • box compost manure
  • Components humus
  • Water
# 1

How to use correctly Humus humus - a reliable assistant gardener gardener?.He can cope with an increase in soil fertility, and mulch it to retain moisture, and to the preparation of the soil under the greenhouse, and the alignment area of ​​lawn.But we must distinguish how to use leaf mold, and for any garden Affairs useful humus-compost.In the first case the mold is made from fallen leaves in plastic or metal containers.Such humus almost do not need air access, the main thing for him - the presence of water.Capacity with him can be left in the open air - the excess moisture will not hurt.

# 2

But how to make humus, which is useful as a fertilizer: it is necessary to make a compost heap or box with a removable wall.In addition to a humus of leaves is necessary to add manure, organic and food waste, straw, weed the weeds and stuff.This humus air is required, but the excess water should flow freely from the tank.Above th

e compost heap should be placed canopy or dense cover, to not fall into the rainwater.

# 3

figure out how to get mold in the desired species, is to elaborate on how each of them "take care."Leaf mold requires almost no attention to himself, he matures within one year and in the autumn ready for use.This humus visible skeletons of leaves and small sticks.Humus, compost requires periodic turning and turning, moistening the heap.Mature compost looks homogeneous, has no odor and it is impossible to find components aging as it also lasts about a year.

# 4

Because, as the humus is formed, it gets a bit different properties.Sheet is well covered with soil and acidify it as peat and compost is perfectly suited as a fertilizer and beneficial effects on fertility, it is used as a variety of dressings, as well as greenhouses and "warm" beds.However gardener useful properties of both the first and second.Leaf mulch will help and how to make humus - compost: it can be reported to the compost pile, pouring manure in a year fertilizer is almost ready.

# 5

Remember these differences, we can not worry about how to make a mistake in choosing the type of humus.Every experienced gardener knows - in the area to find a place for the compost heap, for containers with leaf mold, and then there will be no need to run to the store for fertilizing or mulching material.Economic man will be able to independently make good fertilizer for yourself!