How to plant pepper seeds : variety capsicum

How to plant pepper seeds : variety capsicum
You will need:
  • pepper seeds
  • Seeds of strawberries Seeds of strawberries
  • Seeds balsam
  • aster seeds
# 1

How to plant pepper seeds?Pepper seed is planted in the winter.First, in early February, the seeds should be soaked for a few days, and after promorozit in the freezer for a day, which will increase their viability and endurance.The prepared boxes substatom, hatched planted seeds of pepper, sprinkled lightly on top of the ground, a box covered with plastic film to create a greenhouse effect and is placed on the window sill.

# 2

in how to plant seeds of strawberries, as no big deal.Only the fact that the seeds of its very melenkie, smaller than poppy seeds.Planting is best to pre-protected ground.Or, in boxes or on a specially fenced flower bed in a greenhouse.Planted in March of dry seeds.Water the seedlings waiting.

# 3

Knowing the strawberry planting technique, there will be no questions about how to plant a strawberry seeds as these plants are related, and their agricul

tural machinery is absolutely the same.; It is advisable to plant in March in boxes, and with the appearance of seedlings into individual dive pots and then in the open ground.

# 4

How Impatiens grow from seeds?The process is simple.Seeds should be sown in pots in January.The seeds are very small, like dust.And because they scatter on top substata, barely sprinkled the ground and sprayed with an atomizer, because, as a normal watering can simply wash away.Pots covered with glass or polyethylene, but occasionally airs.

# 5

But how to plant the seeds of asters that's a different story, since in the main aster planted directly into the ground.Although, there are fans, which aster is grown through seedlings.But it is unnecessary troubles.Technology seedlings same method as described above, if directly put into the ground, in the middle of May, seeds dry simply scattered in a prepared flower bed and sprinkled zemley.Tak that all technology planting seeds of various plants, in principle, similar toand differs little, from above.