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Hannie jadeed eight years old was leaving hospital for his new life it will be without his arm and without his four cousins who were killed when he was wounded honey lives in government-held territory the attack happened a week ago before the ceasefire but geography politics and timing can’t matter much to a bewildered agonized eight-year-old boy the University Hospital is in West Aleppo controlled by the government it is better supplied than anywhere on the rebel-held east side and has treated thousands of war wounded Browder al yousuf who’s 7 was not sleeping peacefully she was shot in her spine last night 24 hours after the ceasefire began I said this is a chest so this is inevitably the bullet is actually then through the vertebrae from the back so it’s a clear break in her vertebrae so she’s she’s paralyzed yeah her mother Takia is too worried about the wreck of her daughter’s life to speculate about who pulled the trigger a battle you knew didn’t have fun with detention mr. barnico Najaf the doctors told me that her legs will be paralyzed all her life Radha was very active very loving and very caring she was chatting with her father when it happened sitting with him and nothing was wrong we don’t know what will happen to her aid for the wounded across the city could come this way through Benny’s aid in Northwest Aleppo on the castelo road the route out to Turkey it’s designated as a humanitarian corridor in the ceasefire agreement but it still isn’t safe the fighting here hasn’t stopped the plan the Rutan say is for both the Syrian Army and the rebels to pull back from the Costello Road on Thursday morning the ceasefire deal also depends on the rebels this attacking June was by a group backed by the Americans called fastaqim kama who met it says it’s respecting the ceasefire but in a Skype interview across the front line to East Aleppo its spokesman told me they were not happy with a deal they say let’s the regime of the hook what is going to end this war when we achieve the dreams of the people freedom and justice when the Assad regime falls and we punish the criminals who kill children and women in the last six years the men of this displaced family called the rebels terrorists in the sixth year of war the best refuge they can find is a flat on the frontline with no power or running water after some especially heavy shelling the side of the building collapsed taking away a room the family survived and they stayed on of knock off now of Nigeria you can see he said the whole country is destroyed Syria is the most savage example of the way that the old political order across the Middle East is decaying world and regional powers and powerful ideologies are competing to shape the future Syrians sometimes say that if the foreigners went away they might be able to make Pease if that was ever true it’s too late the Middle East is in a period of profound historical change it’s the result of a century of misrule disastrous foreign intervention stagnation and repression this war is part of all of that no wonder it’s so hard to stop Jeremy Bowen BBC news a leper

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