908 dead, more than 40-thousand cases of coronavirus confirmed in China

908 dead, more than 40-thousand cases of coronavirus confirmed in China

now elsewhere in China reported over 900
deaths and more than 40,000 confirmed cases as of Monday there’s also not ylim
things are also not looking so good in Japan either with at least 60 additional
confirmed cases reported on board the cruise ship docked at the Yokohama port
or omni young has a latest according to china’s national health commission on
monday the death toll in china is now over 900 with 97 deaths recorded in the
country in the past 24 hours alone this is the first time there have been more
than 90 recorded deaths in a single day 91 out of 97 more in Hebei province the
epicenter of the outbreak there were also some 3,000 more confirmed cases
bringing the number in China to more than 40,000 on a brighter note the
number of new cases has stabilised in recent days other areas of China except
for who Bay province has seen a downturn in the number of newly confirmed cases
for five days in a row new cases across the rest of China reportedly stayed at
some 500 a day as of last Friday compared to around 800 last week the
most recent data from Chinese authorities also showed new cases
outside who Bay Province as of Sunday stood at some 400 however anxiety
remains as millions of Chinese are set to return home following the end of the
Lunar New Year holiday which was extended to February 9th Japan remains
on alert as well at least 60 more people on the diamond Princess cruise ship
docked at the port of Yokohama tested positive for the novel coronavirus this
brings a total number of confirmed cases on the vessel to 130 about 3,700 people
have been quarantined since last Monday after it was found that a passenger who
disembarked in Hong Kong on January 25th was infected Tokyo is hesitating to
include the number of confirmed cases on the ship to the total cases in Japan as
it would make Japan the country with the second highest number of confirmed cases
after China on ji-yong arirang news

100 thoughts on “908 dead, more than 40-thousand cases of coronavirus confirmed in China

  1. no no…nothing to worry about…its just the flu….righhhht?
    Pisses me off all of us (common people..) were screaming stop the flights ! way back in ? early Jan…but..we are just too racist right? well this might be the first "racist bug" in history.
    Seems to knock out Asians/ Asian heritage pretty hard..

  2. There's a manipulation of the numbers going on. The main reason the "New Cases " are lower is because they're limiting the number of test kits to all the hospitals. No way they can give us accurate numbers, if more people are turned away from getting tested. The U.S. is still downplaying this story and saying we are still at "Low Risk". But, I don't believe that, especially when I see how it is spreading elsewhere. Quarantined Cruise ships and hospitals being built in 10-days time? Economic disruption? We won't see the last of this for quite some time.

  3. The numbers coming out of China is not credible. It is much much worse. It has already been reported by Chinese citizens that health officials do not have enough testing kits, not enough doctors and nurses and medical supplies to treat the infected. One million infected will be coming folks! Thanks CCP!!!

  4. Why you lia every blog you put here. It's not 9hundred plus, it 2thousand plus in Wuhan,China. Tell the truth that's why other ppl vloggers are miss. Don't lying to the network in YouTube 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 NO OFFENSE BUT IT TRUTH. WHY YOU PRETENDING ITS LESS COUNT ON DIEDING PPL BCOZ YOU DON'T LIKE TO KNOW ALL PPL IN CHINA WHAT IS THE CORRECT OR WRONG? YOU SHAME OF YOUR ANCESTORS DOING TO LIVE YOUR LIFE FREE BUT NOT LYING TO TELL THE TRUTH.

  5. Companies investing in china should reconsider cause they the people of china who thinks world is illetrate and they have all the knowledge
    Shameless.idots what next

  6. This is time for China to think about changing the attitude from rogue identity to decent Identity. Should not dream control the world, should not terrorise other small countries, and should not be a war mongering nation and believe in God and follow his commandments. China will be saved.

  7. I feel sorry for Japan whose yet to contain the problem before the Summer Olympics, its good thing that construction of the new olympic stadium were done ahead of time

  8. The real figure is 50000 deaths, 1.5 million infected cases. All the crematoriums in wuhan working 24 hours a day, seven day a week to burn all the death bodies every day !!! Do not ever believe the figures that supplied by the communist of china!!!!!

  9. wtf? that guy checking the temp of people getting off the bus was most likely infecting EVERYONE! touching everyone forhead with the same tempgun without cleaning it or putting a new cover on it for each person. i am seeing such sloopy work no wonder it is spreading. im not seeing even the most basic steps to contain the spread. where is the mat with bleach for people to walk on to kill anything on their shoes? wtf? every doorway should have one. at the very least every main entrance. this is basic containment protocol.

  10. over 40 of those fully dressed Workers got sick its Airborn. And they are saying they that people coming in do not have it but there no way to test for new cases because their out of test kits!

  11. Is anyone else reviewing the prophecy about the 7 last plagues of the last days and the pale horse? How about the part where it say that in the last days the earth will be decimated? Does it mean one tenth of the population will die off or else, that only one tenth will be left, as in tithed?

  12. Imagine the numbers China won’t share, after all the virus got this bad because of the government preventing free speech and keeping the whole thing a secret for the first 3 weeks

  13. https://youtu.be/jFTOmE3Pv_I

    No force can shake your country's foundation? How about nCoV?**

    "…….As for 'Aad, they were arrogant upon the earth without right and said, "Who is greater than us in strength?" Did they not consider that Allah who created them was greater than them in strength? But they were rejecting Our signs.

    So We sent upon them a screaming wind during days of misfortune to make them taste the punishment of disgrace in the worldly life; but the punishment of the Hereafter is more disgracing, and they will not be helped".

    –Quran 41:15-16

  14. Some data and reports of crematoriums point to much higher numbers > https://www.ccn.com/coronavirus-death-smog-is-china-burning-thousands-of-infected-bodies/ . I hope the WHO staff travelling to China will shed some light but I fear the truth will be suppressed.

  15. God save China people from this virus, this is getting too much, oh I feel badly for the little children their, Lord have mecry on your children.

  16. CHINA SHOULD USE HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINE …..WHY WHO doesn't use homoeopathic medicine as a vaccine or prophylaxis madicine ..

  17. Hello, im a medical student, I hate flu, and this is some of my tips to avoid getting that 2019-nCoV virus or just common cold and flu virus in general

    1.My number one tip is to never touch your nose, mouth, and eyes with your dirty hand..

    Why? because our eyes, nose, and mouth have that mucosal tissue that is connected directly to the blood circulation. Its a free entry for many virus to the body

    This point' also include:

    *Don't wash your face before washing your hand

    *Don't pick the nose, don't touch nose/eyes with ur dirty hand even when it itches, my suggestion is however if you really have to touch it, use your left hand-pinky finger only (i think this finger is the least enviromental touching between your fingers, and it has less surface area)

    *Wearing mask and goggle is also a way to stop touching this area

    2. Wash hand often (especially after going out, touching public object, OR when your having cold)

    As a medical student, I always bring some hand sanitizer in my pocket just in case i need it. Note that you need to wait until the alcohol dries to make sure that the virus is killed

    However It is well known that washing hand with running water and soap is the best tool to keep our hand clean. Because it wash away all the particle out of the hand. In some place where soap ia not available I use the hand sanitizer as soap lol I think it acts quite well to emulsify the oil in our hands then I (mechanically) wash it away with running tap water. Note that clogged sink is not good since the splash of water that contain virus could reattaches to the hands. 

    Just google the 7 steps hand washing from WHO for detailed manouver to make sure every part (including the nail)of the hands is well washed. Don't forget to dry the hand after with CLEAN tissue/towel don't dry with some random (exposed) part of your clothes lol it Will make it dirty again (unless it is not exposed to the germs then the linen is considered clean

    3. Boost your immune system 

    Since theres no drugs available yet to cure common cold/respiratory viral infection your only way to overcome the virus is by strengthen your immune system'. You could do this by:

    *Get enough sleep at least 8 hours a day

    There has been some clinical trials that prove that sleep less than 8 hours decrease the production of immunal substance that help to fight viral infection. I did notice also that im susceptible to cold when i have sleepless night (for example in Exam week), means that a little exposure to virus can cause disease to sleep deprived person than a normal person.

    *Eat healthy, drink a lot. The reason why your breath stink when you are dehydrated is because our body compensate with produce less Saliva, which has some immune components inside

    *Take some immune booster pills that contain herbals like Phyllantis niruri and Echinacea purpura.. I Did take 3 pills at once when I have early sign of viral infection (chills, sore throat) the next day the symptoms were gone

    *Take vitamin c and antioxidants especially after working out, exercising, because in this state the body produce more harmful oxidants that can weaken the immune system

    4. Avoid public concentrated area

    Such as public train, bus, mall, or any other dense populous area

    Really, the best way to stay safe in an outbreak is to stay at home and avoid gathering with people, especially the sick ones. If you really should though, wear a surgical mask or for extra protection, a FDA approved N95 mask

    Why N95? Because the filter is smaller. Why FDA approved mask? Because this type is water and resistant, better to avoid that infectious body fluid. As a warning, keep in mind this N95 medical mask is not comfortable to wear, it can cause air hunger, so you can consult to doctor first if that is worrisome to you

    5. Do some nasal saline irigation

    It has been clinically proven that washing the inside of your nose Will keep it away from harmful germs, and also it improve the natural clearance inside the nose and sinus cavity. How to do it? Use normal saline inside a syringe to wash one nostril (up) and pour out the fluid by the other nostril (down). Can you use just regular tap water? Yes just suck a little bit of water by nose then blow it out to wash it away. Keep in mind though, there is riak of getting amoebeic encephalitis by doing this

    6. Disinfect your belongings with alcohol swab

    Maybe its a bit weird, but I like to swab my phone after going in hospital all day. Remember to let the alcohol dries first. After that I like to remove the dried residues with some dry cloth. Fun fact: the common cold virus Will not survive outside the body after 24 hours so of you wanna be safe, just Ignore your phone for a day and the yesterday virus Will die the next day lol but its just quite extreme, isnt it?

    6. Get some flu shots, it might help..

    Remember that coinfection with influenza virus could make you more susceptible with 2019-nCoV infection

    7. To prevent spreading the disease

    People with cold/flu symptoms such as sneezing, cough, congestion, must close the mouth and nose while sneeze or coughing, this could be done by using surgical mask, close it with the inside of your arm, or by using facial tissue or your hands (remember to dispose it right away and wash the hands after!) And try to not sneeze too hard.. take some over the counter medication to reduce the symptoms like clorpheniramine maleate . Getting antibiotics only useful when you have bacterial infection (discolered discharge, high fever, increased crp) since it could cause antibiotic resistance

    8. Also important to not panic or overdone it

    Having stress itself could weaken the immune system', so try to relax and have some rest. And remember, bring over towards anything is bad in general

    Please help eradicate the virus by spreading this information,and if you have different opinion, please let me know….


  19. ‪꧁❤️If Wuhan Cannot control the virus and the isolation is not effective, what will happen to the virus spreading to the World? ? https://youtu.be/SKHE66DMDkg ‬


  21. Keep in mind China only reports like 50 deaths via the flu every year with almost 4 times as many people as the United States that reports 11000-20000 a year

  22. It's airborne that means we're all fcked good and proper.. Please we. Need to know the bloody truth about this virus so we can at least have a chance to look after ourselves and our families.. Man-made no virus spreads so quick without symptoms showing first…

  23. "There've been some concerning instances of onward 2019nCoV spread from people with no travel history to China," Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus wrote on Twitter

  24. Ttr 500,000 word gets a round trew back doors ok ain't shit stable how much they payed ur ass to give some good news ??? What a million ??

  25. For all people with coronavirus you can take astragalus because it helps eliminate strong viruses and strengthens the immune system.

    2)And you can eat Elder Berry because it fights infections such as influenza, viral infections and bacteria. It is one of the best herbs to boost the immune system.

    3)In addition to eating fruits in abundance and drinking water in a quantity equal to 25 litters during the day, fruits are rich in vitamins that eliminate viruses and bacteria and nourish cells.

  26. 5 grams each of ginger powder and turmeric powder per day per adult. No guarantees! Easy to implement. Easy enough to try. Cost effective. Tried and tested for human consumption for millennia. Only way to defend and cure yourselves from this mess. No matter whom you may eventually blame. The dead don't care! Try it and spread the word worldwide. You do not have the time to wait for the vaccine.

  27. If you don't want to rely on over the counter meds, bed rest, lots of fluids and crossed fingers I put together a kit to fight respiratory viruses right in the lungs where they breed based on research on silver to combat viruses. links to reading material and items for the kit can found here https://youtu.be/cjI4JdyuiII

  28. I know this is crazy but maybe the U.S government and China government made a deal to release a virus to kill ppl because of overpopulation?

  29. The death rate is accelerating. If the numbers are correct the death rate is now 2.2%. Yesterday it was 2%. Maybe the virus has mutated?

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